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Chapman BMW Sunshine Acres Children’s Home

Chapman BMW Chandler is helping to make this holiday season a little bit merrier for the kids at Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. The Phoenix BMW dealer is hosting a gift donation drive and a social media promotion on behalf of the East Valley residential program.   

BMW customers can help support the cause by visiting the dealership and dropping off new, unwrapped gifts from the list of suggested items below. In addition to the gift drive, customers are encouraged to log on to facebook and “like” the Chapman BMW page. The dealership will be donating $5.00 to Sunshine Acres for every new Facebook fan “like” between now and December 20th.

We thank you in advance for helping to provide children and teens at Sunshine Acres with these popular gift items:

  • Axe body soap/ gift sets
  • Nike “Elite” socks
  • PlayStation network cards
  • Old Spice gift sets
  • Any Nerf guns with dart refills
  • Xbox live game cards
  • Sweet Pea or Warm Vanilla lotion sets from Bath & Body Works
  • Earrings for tweens and teens
  • Arts and crafts sets
  • Flash drives for school

 More information can be found at or

The BMW Assist subscription gives owners access to the My BMW Remote app. Whether you have the Safety Plan or Convenience Plan (visit your Chapman BMW for more info), accessing your BMW just got easier. The My BMW Remote app, available in the App Store and Google Play store, makes it easy to access your BMW from afar.

Can’t remember if you locked your car? No worries. With the My BMW Remote app, you can lock or unlock your car using your smartphone no matter how far away you are. Also, if you find that you forget where you parked, you can use the app to save your vehicle’s current position before you leave. When you want to return to your car, the app will compute a route from your smartphone to the saved position. Additionally, the app allows you to sound the horn and flash the headlights to make it even easier to find your car. You can also search for destinations and directions using your smartphone and the app will feed the information directly to your BMW’s navigation system.

Is it usually too hot when you get in your car? No problem! Use the My BMW Remote app to turn on the air conditioning a few minutes before you get into your car to cool it down. And during the winter, turn up the heat in your car via your smartphone to defrost the windows and make it comfortable before getting in. Additionally, if you need to contact your Arizona BMW dealer, you can do so from your smartphone by using the My BMW Remote app.

To access the My BMW Remote app, sign in with the same username and password used for the BMW ConnectedDrive customer portal. You will be asked two security questions to verify your user ID. Once you gain access, you must choose a 4-digit PIN that must be used every time you want to access the app. Select your vehicle and you are ready to use the app!

If you have any questions or want to learn more about BMW Assist or the My BMW Remote app, visit or your Phoenix BMW dealer.

happy holidays

To celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of the holiday season, Chapman BMW held its final BMW Lifestyle Event for 2012.

These events have generated much excitement within the community about the Chapman group and the BMW brand, and have created new partnerships with local philanthropic groups in the Valley.

Performers from the Phoenix played from their upcoming production ‘S Wonderful an all singing, all dancing musical revue featuring over 42 songs by the beloved Gershwin Brothers.  Then The Giant Steps Jazz Combo entertained the crowd as they milled between tables of food presented by local chefs.

A newcomer to the Lifestyle events, Scottsdale League for the Arts brought in four local chefs who offered delectable samples of food and drink. Bobby Q’s and perfect sized bar-be-Q’d brisket on soft silver dollar rolls. Chef Gabe of il Tocco gave us three choices, chicken with a creamy sauce, butternut squash ravioli or bacon wrapped dates stuffed with chorizo and gorgonzola cheese.

At the desserts table, Hobo Pastry Chef Tracy Dempsey, of Tracy Dempsey Originals, tickled our taste buds with sweets like hand made marshmallows flavored like s’mores or candy canes. Hand made flavored caramels and bite sized cupcakes were tucked into big jars and stacked on trays, tempting all to try just one more.

An additional delight was Liquid Chef Kim Haasarud of Liquid Architecture, mixing up Ultimate Mocktails. We couldn’t decide which one we liked better – the “X1” Sparkling Cider Punch with lemon or the “3-Series” Punch made with hibiscus tea and fresh strawberries. Both were excellent!

Brittney Shipp from Channel 3 stepped up on stage to announce special giveaways and drawings for books and gift cards. Author and Food TV Network Star, Robin Miller was on hand to sign her new cookbook Quick Fix Meals, which were also given away.

Later in the evening Chaos Comedy took the stage for a few hilarious improve skits. They even sung back up for Godaddy Girl Leeann Darling, when she got behind the piano and belted out an impromptu song about our own Bob Arvizu, BMW’s and being a gangsta on the streets of Chandler in a BMW.  Bang & Olufsen were in the house, demonstrating and then giving away a Beolite 12 wireless battery powered speaker valued at $800.

The evening ended with the drawing for a $1500 BMW Carbon Fiber Cruiser bike to a lucky woman in the crowd.

Guests received party gift bags on their way out with that included a $500 coupon towards the purchase of a new BMW, which we’re sure would make a great holiday gift under any tree.

Chapman BMW is the reason for this car buying season.

One of the best gifts you could give to yourself this year is savings up to $700.

BMW is now offering it’s Ultimate Drive App on Facebook, for iPhone and the Android. The Ultimate Drive App for existing BMW financial services customers offers either $300, $500 or $700 off your first finance or lease payment on  select models of their 2012 or 2013 vehicles at BMW phoenix.

All it takes is four easy steps.

– First, download the Ultimate Drive app on your smartphone for free.

– Launch the app and select the “Take a drive” button. Schedule a test drive at your Arizona BMW dealer in the model of your choice.

– Visit the dealership and enjoy your test drive. Enter the name of the advisor that you drive with to access your savings voucher.

– Give the voucher to your advisor, select and order your vehicle and revel in the savings!

The voucher must be created and redeemed before Dec. 31, 2012. Ring in the new year with a new BMW!

What’s more, the Ultimate Drive App is designed to provide you with tips and tricks as well as savings.

The app maps roads that have been rated by other drivers around the world for quality, scenery and speed. You can find favorite roads throughout Arizona that will suit you and your new BMW’s wants and needs.

You can log favorite rides on the app and share them with other users.

Furthermore, you can sync with Facebook and email to share this information with family and friends.

“I use my app all the time,” JJ Garcia, the sales consultant at BMW phoenix said. “It’s great when people come in knowing about it too because we share ideas with each other.”

Your Chapman BMW wants you to drive safe and save this holiday season.

‘Tis the season to see loved ones near and far, with pumpkin pie in the passenger seat. Take BMW and the Ultimate Drive App with you.



Buying a new BMW is exciting and signing a BMW lease is very easy. However, in today’s economy, car lease payments can be a burden and terminating the lease is often the only option. The leasing contract includes information on early termination, but financing and leasing companies prefer to lease to someone who can make regular payments until the end of the lease. Make sure to review your leasing contract, but it can sometimes be unclear as to what your options really are. Here are some ways to get out of your car lease early:

Lease Assumption

Websites such as and allow leaseholders to legally transfer their lease to someone else. Leaseholders list their car and payment details on the site and lease assumers search for listings that match their needs. A person might want to assume your lease because it allows them to acquire a late-model vehicle without having to pay a large down payment. Also, a family may need a larger car to transport their kids, while an older couple wants to get rid of theirs for a smaller one. Serge Stiberman, CEO of, told that allowing customers to transfer their leases makes good sense for BMW. “Companies like BMW realize that they can hold on to these customers by letting people get out of their lease,” he said on Lease assumption is becoming more popular and may be the best option for you.


If the value of your car is higher than the payoff amount, trading may be the best option for you to end your lease early. Take your car to your Phoenix BMW dealer and trade it for a new one with reduced monthly payments. The advantage of trading in your car is that it is very easy compared to the other options because you don’t have to deal with selling the car on your own.


Another way to end your lease early is by simply paying off your car. Check your monthly bill for your payoff amount. Instead of sending your finance company your monthly lease payment, send them a check for the payoff amount instead. In most cases, however, the payoff amount is higher than the actual value of the car. But, once you pay it off, you become the owner or titleholder and no longer have to make monthly payments.


The last option is to return your car to the dealership. If you take your car back, you are no longer responsible for the monthly lease payments. Keep in mind that you may have to pay the price difference between the payoff amount at the time of your return and the amount the leasing company can sell the vehicle for. Visit Chapman BMW for more information on return policies and leasing contracts.