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It’s no secret that car salesmen can be intimidating. For years, the stereotype has been pushy, annoying, and manipulative. Recently this has become a common misconception, especially since it is more difficult than ever for a car salesman to take advantage of a buyer.  Today, people have access to more information about cars than ever. People can look up the car’s price, get information about the BMW dealer and even find out if the car has been in any accidents.

From a seller’s standpoint, it is important for them to be aware that their professional reputation is dependent solely on their customers. Phoenix BMW proves that great sales techniques aren’t just about selling products or services anymore. They can be used for everything from popularizing a business, to doing many jobs at the same time.

Taking someone else’s perspective into consideration is crucial when trying to persuade someone. By doing so, you become better at picking up on their signals and figuring out what they want from a transaction. Car buying can be an emotional process for people, and focusing on what others think makes for better negotiators than those who think about only what they feel. This goes for both the buyer and seller because the goal is to get to a solution that’s in both parties’ interests.

From the buyer’s perspective, in order to get the best price on a car it is important to do your research; know what the car is worth and what you are willing to pay. However, the selling price is ultimately up to the dealer. It is good to know that car shopping at the end of the month can save you money. Dealers are more anxious to move their inventory, thus giving buyers more power when negotiating the price of a car. Even further, at the end of December, some dealerships will discount vehicles on their lots to try and move a few more cars before the new year. This is especially true when dealerships do very slow business during this time.

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