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3series GT

BMW has been doing a lot of experimenting with concept cars and car styles in the past few years. They are quickly becoming known for their innovation as well as quality. The newest project BMW will mass-produce is the BMW 3-series Gran Turismo. The decision was made due to the success of its larger counterpart the 5-series Gran Turismo. The 3-series GT will take after its larger counterpart in that its ultimate goal is to look like a 3-series but provide the interior space of a station wagon.

On top of being spacious like a hatchback and stylish like a regular 3-series it is fast like the basic 3-series. It has a single turbo engine with about 250 HP and a top of the line 8-speed automatic transmission that is shifted with a mounted shifter and/or steering wheel paddles. Making the car spacious and fast is what made the 5-series successful. The high-powered engine in the 3-series GT will ensure that formula is repeated. Soon after production, the new 2014 BMW 3-series GT will be available in many different models at Chapman BMW.

The 3-series GT is like its larger counterparts in many ways. It acts like a gap wedge in a golfer’s bag between a sand wedge and a pitching wedge. It allows one to finally buy a BMW with the look and speed of a 3-series, but with the size of a 5. One way in which it is different is that it doesn’t look as much like a concept or a crossover vehicle as the 5-series GT. The 5-series has a sloped back that gives it the look of a station wagon/sedan crossover. The genius of the 3-series GT, however, is that it provides the space of a crossover but looks just like a slightly larger sedan. In other words, the 3-series is subtle in the ways it has been stretched to provide the extra space. Your Phoenix BMW dealership will sell these vehicles in their full lineup of new and used BMW vehicles.