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BMW automated auto

BMW has been doing a lot of work lately on automated driving systems, with the BMW TrackTrainer and Emergency Stop Assistant. The brand is now taking it a step further with Highly Automated Driving, designed for everyday use on roadways. BMW has actually been testing automated driving vehicles for some time. In fact, BMW has already completed over 3,000 miles of testing with their test team.

But in order to offer drivers comfortable and safe vehicles in the future, equipped with the most modern assistance systems available, the engineers at BMW Group Research and Technology have been working on the development of electronic co-pilots to support automated driving in specific situations.

To accomplish this, researchers have equipped a BMW 5 Saloon with intelligent software as well as vision assistance and environment detection systems. The advanced automated assistance function for motorway journeys can be activated with the push of a button. From this point on, the prototype system can autonomously control acceleration and braking, and it can safely pass slower vehicles.

By accessing digital maps, the camera and the localization data of an extremely precise GPS, the automated vehicle prototype can determine its location in its own lane, and it also receives exact information about the characteristics of the route ahead, including the number of lanes that section of the motorway has. This information is supplemented by data from the forward-looking camera integrated in the lane departure warning system. Objects in front of the vehicle are detected by the radar sensors of the adaptive cruise control system with Stop and Go function and by a laser scanner as well. The same is true for objects at the sides or rear of the vehicle.

The emergency stop assistant prototype realized by BMW is yet another milestone in the development of automated functions for assisted driving. The system incorporates innovative technologies for controlling and pinpointing the location of a motor vehicle and analyzing the vehicle environment for added safety. The system activates the emergency flashers, carefully monitors traffic and guides the vehicle to the right shoulder of the road.

Research will also continue on automated vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems in order to develop innovative assistance functions for the future. For example, the Parking Assistant and Traffic Jam Assistant in the BMW i3 Concept, coming to Phoenix BMW dealerships in 2014. Since the BMW i3 Concept is primarily designed as an urban vehicle, it is equipped with functions that make parking easier and driving in congested traffic less stressful. The park assistant automatically parks the vehicle without any driver intervention. The car accelerates and brakes on its own, and shifts gears from forward to reverse as needed when difficult parking maneuvers are required. The Traffic Jam Assistant helps drivers to relax in rather tedious traffic situations and congested areas. It maintains a safe distance between vehicles and automatically controls the speed and steering, and is able to stop the car if necessary.

Although it may be a few years before we actually see a self-driving automobile, they are definitely getting closer. Visit Chapman BMW on I-10 for more information.