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BMW ConnectedDrive  Bmw ConnectedDrive TouchPad

Recently BMW unveiled the latest updates of iDrive with ConnectedDrive and new touch capability. Highlights include a new touch-pad input option, high-resolution graphics and new internet-connected features. A whole array of functionality, including remote services, app support and more, has also been revised.

Available on new models at Chapman’s Phoenix BMW dealerships, ConnectedDrive is more than just a web browser on your dashboard. It aims to give you the information you need while driving without being too distracting. From a weather forecast or sports news to finding a highly rated restaurant or the local speed limit, you can get pretty much everything you need through ConnectedDrive.

Rather than relying on your phone’s internet connection, ConnectedDrive has its own built-in SIM card which means you get all the internet-connected features without eating into your own monthly data package. It also means the system can call the emergency services automatically if you’re involved in an accident, or you can call BMW’s concierge service to get information or request roadside assistance should your car break down.

The iDrive controller is now larger and incorporates a touchpad, much like the one on your laptop. As well as controlling the cursor in the web browser it also lets you swipe around and draw letters, such as when you need to input an address in the satnav. With voice recognition, ConnectedDrive allows you to control most functions just by speaking. Once you know the commands, you can enter a destination in the satnav, search Google or play a particular album. While you’re driving, ConnectedDrive can read emails, messages and other information aloud using a text-to-speech system.

In the ConnectedDrive menu you’ll find Info plus, Messages, Mobile Care, BMW Online and Internet. Info plus places a call to BMW’s concierge service, which is available 24/7 and can transfer addresses to the in-car navigation system. Messages is where you’ll find information sent from the Info plus service, or details you’ve sent to the car yourself using the Google Send-to-Car feature. Mobile care is the shortcut to call the breakdown service. BMW Online includes news, weather forecasts, online, email and apps.

Built-in satnav is nothing new, but most systems still rely on the RDS-TMC data which isn’t always particularly up to date. Given that TomTom and other providers (such as Google) offer so-called HD traffic, car manufacturers seem behind the times. However with the integrated SIM, ConnectedDrive provides real-time traffic information and can use that to plan the fastest route as well as showing exactly where traffic is backing up locally.

The satnav also benefits from the new system’s upgraded processing power. Zooming in and out of a map is super-smooth, and you can even zoom out to a globe view and rotate it at will. You also get a 3D building view for major towns and cities, which might help to make the directions clearer in unfamiliar places as you can identify landmarks and better understand the route on-screen.

For more information on BMW’s iDrive with ConnectedDrive, visit Chapman BMW.

Connecting with BMW enthusiasts

2015 BMW M4 coupe

Thanks to the Internet, connecting to people with similar interests has never been easier. With a cult-like following, BMW has some of the best available resources online for its enthusiasts. For more information about connecting with enthusiasts, visit Chapman BMW.

There are two, usually distinct ways to connect with other BMW enthusiasts. You have car clubs, which typically have chapters located all over the country, or even world. You also have forums, where you can create online discussions about various BMW topics or other interesting tidbits.

BMW Car Club of America

While the BMW Car Club of America operates independently of the BMW corporate structure, they offer wonderful benefits. The BMW CCA has numerous chapters across the country. Through the car club, enthusiasts are invited to well-organized meets and events surrounding their love of all things BMW.

These events could include informal social gatherings, tech inspections, or even sanctioned club-racing events for those who are licensed to do so. There are two types of club-racing events for BMW CCA members, the BMW CCA Club Racing, and the BMW CCA Endurance Racing Series Sponsored by Turner Motorsport.

Joining the BMW Car Club of America provides a unique experience to meet new enthusiasts and racecar drivers, while enjoying everything a BMW has to offer. While the BMW CCA does offer a forum for discussion and sharing information, another site does this particularly well.


While BMW CCA may provide a unique experience, BimmerForums is where you go for all your latest news and technical information. Here, BMW owners and enthusiasts can share their experiences and stories online about their BMWs. At BimmerForums, you can get information on track-day events, turbocharging, auto detailing, tires, wheels, and much more.

For easier navigation, BimmerForums also breaks down information and discussions by specific BMW model, so you can always find what you are looking for.

If either BimmerForums or BMW CCA don’t wet your whistle, there are still a plethora of places you can go to meet BMW enthusiast. A simple Google search will bring up hundreds of pages of search results of other people looking to connect.

What is great about the Internet is that no matter what you are looking for in other BMW enthusiasts and websites, there is almost certainly a place for you to find a comfortable home. Check out you BMW dealer in Chandler for more.