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Summer is here. That means its time to head to your local Chapman BMW dealer to ask about adding summer performance tires to your vehicle.

What are summer performance tires? Why would you need them? Well let’s tackle this one question at a time.

First, what are summer performance tires?

Summer tires, also known as performance tires, are made from a softer kind of “sticky” rubber that does a better job of gripping the road, which improves the performance of the vehicle such as handling, braking and acceleration. The tread of these tires is compiled of large tread blocks with high lateral stiffness. They also expel water from wide circumferential grooves. The rubber is made and calibrated to handle warmer weather but is not effective in conditions like snow and ice.

Next, why would you need them?

With summer officially underway and extreme heat upon us, asphalt becomes slicker. Having summer performance tires will help provide proper traction and grip for your vehicle, whether the temperature is extremely hot or the roads are wet from the latest monsoon storm.

“Summer tires offer better dry and wet grip than all-season tires,” said Mike Markoff, from Goodyear’s high performance tires division, according to “They are designed to maximize grip [in warm temperatures], thus trading off cold weather performance.”

Your Chapman Phoenix BMW dealer service advisors can help you select the proper performance tire for your vehicle, taking the hassle and guesswork out of choosing the right kind. They also can help you find BMW parts and accessories to match your lifestyle needs as well. Stop by today or visit for more information.

BMW Genius

If you are in the market for a new BMW, and technology excites you, you’ll be pleased to learn that Phoenix BMW dealers now have specific employees to help you with your technology needs. The so-called BMW Geniuses are part of BMW’s ‘Modern Retailing’ initiative and will play a similar role to tech-savvy geniuses in Apple stores who answer questions about Apple’s complex products. BMW says Geniuses found in U.S. dealers are equipped with an iPad to help explain features.

The official job description for the role of BMW Genius, according to BMW, is that the main responsibility will be to use an engaging personality to inspire and excite customers in the dealership about the features and benefits of the latest BMW products and technologies. It is also expected to provide insightful information during test drives as well as support Sales Executives by demonstrating product options to customers when required. . Geniuses will be expected to know how each feature works. They’ll also have to explain them to buyers who may not be used to a car that can stop itself or connect to a cell phone. To most shoppers, Geniuses will be helpful as modern cars become more complicated and feature new technology. That’s especially true for high-end brands like BMW, which are constantly adding features to keep up with new trends.

Some examples of BMW’s newest technology include active cruise control, adaptive headlights and the brand’s BMW ConnectedDrive infotainment system In addition, BMW is planning features like the advanced iDrive information and entertainment system, voice control for in-car functions and a full-color head-up display projected on the windshield. Other planned advancements include car-to-car communication and an increasingly autonomous driving experience.

For more information on BMW technology, or to connect with a BMW Genius, visit Chapman BMW.