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BMW gas saving

Whether you are the driver of a brand new BMW or you have been driving your vehicle for a few years now, it is important to get the most out of your gas mileage. With gas prices that fluctuate constantly, it can be difficult to keep track of fuel costs. With just a few changes to your driving habits and a little more focus on your vehicle’s maintenance, you can convert your BMW into a more fuel efficient, money saving machine!

Tire Pressure

Many drivers may not know that they could be driving a vehicle with one or more incorrectly inflated tires. Under inflated tires run at an increased temperature and have more rolling resistance, thus, using more fuel. An over inflated tire has the tendency to wear unevenly, which could also hinder the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. A surprising amount of fuel is wasted every year as a result of tire pressure inconsistencies.

Even if your BMW has a built in tire-pressure monitoring system, it is still important to check your tire pressure at least once a month. Pressure can be checked using a tire pressure gauge. Make sure your vehicle has been sitting for a couple hours. Double check the owner’s manual for the proper level of tire pressure for your specific model. Have further questions about checking the tire pressure? Contact our professionals at Chapman BMW for additional information.

Driving Habits

Whenever possible, adjust your driving habits to contribute to better fuel efficiency. It is important to use the gas pedal correctly. A surprising amount of drivers are on and off the throttle constantly. By maintaining a consistent gas pedal pressure when possible, you can save on fuel costs for your BMW. Avoid pushing down on the throttle too quickly when taking off as well. Practice accelerating smoothly and gradually to decrease the amount of gas output.

Another great habit is to look ahead and pay attention to what is happening in front of you. Fuel efficient drivers constantly look ahead to anticipate their surroundings. If you notice that a car is stopped or turning in front of you, check that it is clear, and switch to another lane. Therefore, you eliminate the need to slow down to a stop. When a light turns red, attempt to coast forward instead of using the gas all the way until you stop. Your vehicle uses up more gas to start from a dead stop. Coasting to a red light may give you the opportunity to time it perfectly to arrive at a green light, preventing you from ever needing to fully stop your car.

By paying attention to your driving and keeping up with your tire pressure, you can potentially squeeze 10 percent more fuel economy out of your BMW. Have questions or concerns about your BMW’s fuel saving potential? Contact Phoenix BMW today!