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Here at Chapman BMW, we enjoy cool stuff- to put it lightly. Come on, who doesn’t? Therefore, we tend to get mildly excited when BMW’s new concepts are introduced, and they never seem to disappoint. Concept cars are a great way for vehicle manufacturers to display new technologies and projected enhancements. Not to mention that they are usually always extremely visually appealing. Let’s take a look at our picks for three really cool and impressive concept cars from BMW.


2011 328 Hommage Concept

Sigh/drool/drool some more. Here enters the BMW 2011 328 Hommage Concept. This drool-worthy ride was originally designed as a throwback to the 328 from the 1930s. It’s classic good looks team perfectly with a straight-six engine design. With an aluminum construction, this sporty and gorgeous two seater is definitely one of the most visually appealing BMW concepts to date.


BMW Concept Coupe Mille Miglia

Go ahead, ogle at this beauty for a few more seconds- we’ll wait. Something this beautiful deserves extra attention. This particular concept car earned its equally appealing name from the famous Italian race, the Mille Miglia. It was designed as a homage to the 1950s style of vehicles that would take part in the namesake race. With a 3.2 liter I6 engine that produces an impressive 340 horsepower, this carbon fiber beauty is a BMW concept car favorite. Don’t be surprised if you can’t stop your eyes from straying back to its picture. You are not alone. We get stuck staring at it too.


2009 BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics

Of course, we saved the best for last. When this BMW concept was first introduced, it was jaw-drop worthy from the start. With outstanding aerodynamic qualities and a sleek style to impress, the VED is one of the more notable concept designs out there. Not only was it gorgeous and mind-blowingly designed, but it was also made into production as the BMW i8. Props to BMW for morphing this head-turning beauty into a reality drivable to the public. Yes, VED fans- you may have the opportunity to cause some head turning whiplash of your own with the BMW i8!

Let’s face it, you can’t ignore that most of BMW’s concept cars are genius. The combination of beauty and technology is always inviting. BMW never ceases to impress. Stop by Chapman BMW if you want to get in on the ingenuity that BMW has to offer!


Is the lease on your current BMW almost finished? If so, perhaps it’s time to start anticipating your options for your vehicle. Take a look at some of the End-of-Lease options we provide at Chapman BMW.

Option 1: Get into a new BMW

Maybe you have had your eye on the new BMW i8? Or perhaps you are looking for a newer model of your current BMW? Whatever your reasoning, this is an ideal time to check out your options for a new vehicle. You can start by checking out our BMW lease specials and browsing our inventory for something new to test drive. The next step to getting into a new BMW is to have your current BMW evaluated with a mandatory End-of-Lease inspection. From there, you will be able to determine the condition and value to establish an estimate of your vehicle’s worth. If any repairs are necessary for a trade-in, our professionals Chapman BMW can guide you in the direction to have those completed.

Option 2: Keep your current BMW

Maybe a new model isn’t your style? If you cherish the bond you have with your current BMW, and would like to keep it in your life, you may have the option to do so. You have the option to purchase your vehicle outright for the purchase option price or you may be able to finance the remaining amount through our BMW Financing Department. You also have the option to re-lease your trusted current vehicle if that is more suitable. Whatever your choice may be, we will help to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Option 3: Return your BMW

If your current BMW is no longer your style, and you are not interested in trying out a new model, you have the option of returning your currently leased BMW. An evaluation will be performed on your current BMW to address any excess wear or use. If there is damage or excess wear that is chargeable, you will be advised of your options before returning the vehicle. An inspection of your vehicle will happen around 60 days before your lease expires in order to provide time for any repairs that need to take place. It is recommended that any repairs needed are performed by our professionals at Chapman BMW to ensure proper completion. Once the repairs are completed, you can contact our team to schedule an appointment to return your vehicle before your lease end date.

Whether you decide to switch to a new model, keep your current one, or return it, we are happy to help you through the process. Visit or contact Chapman BMW with any questions or concerns you may have about your lease-end options. Feel free to check out our BMW lease specials to get a head start on your decision!


Ready to be impressed by one of BMW’s newest technological advances? While in Vegas for CES, BMW demonstrated how the impressive modified version of the BMW i3 electric vehicle can park itself. It didn’t stop there! The BMW i3 was also able to pick the driver up when they were ready to go. BMW calls this technology the Remote Valet Parking Assistant. So, let’s say you need to grab a few groceries. Your BMW i3 will drop you off, right up front. Once you are ready, you will have the ability to command your vehicle to return and pick you up right where it left you.

Your next question might be, “How is this even possible?” A self driving car can seem a little unreal. But BMW seems to have the science down. In order to get readings of its environment, the i3 is equipped with four laser scanners located on both sides of the vehicle. Once a map is encrypted into the vehicle, the BMW can read through the information that was received from the sensors and locate a parking spot. The self driving i3 has the ability to receive mapping information straight from the garage operators.

While at the demonstration, BMW unmasked an impressive collision avoidance system that utilizes the same for laser sensors on the sides of the vehicle. In the event that a collision looks like it may take place, the i3 will automatically stop the car a few inches from the object that could have been impacted. This technology is beneficial while the car is attempting to park itself in a busy parking area.

With Google urging automakers to explore self-driving technology, BMW is eager to explore the possibilities behind such an innovative technology. So when are these impressive self-driving cars going to hit the market? With a technology that is so new and intense, BMW manufacturers want to be completely on their game with its advancements. The company believes that they can introduce the self driving i3 to drivers in  about five to eight years. Here at Chapman BMW, we will be anxious to get some on our lot!

So keep an eye out BMW gurus. The self-driving i3 is sure to be a hit. Until then, check out our stock of BMWs our BMW dealership to find the perfect vehicle to fit your needs.