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ConnectedDrive Technology Leads Industry

BMW’s connection with the new Apple Watch is just another example of how the car company continues to push the auto technology envelope. Use the BMW i Remote app in conjunction with the Apple Watch to check on the status of important electric vehicle diagnostics including battery charge status, interior temperature and whether or not you locked the doors. You can also use the Apple Watch to heat or cool your car while it is in charging mode without taking any energy from the battery. The Apple Watch is now available for purchase. Check out the BMW i3 and i8 models at your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW.

The “i” Stands for Innovation

The i3 and i8 BMW models are the company’s stepping stone to a future of sustainable smart vehicles that provide a luxurious driving experience. By providing links to mobile devices like the Apple Watch, BMW is continuing a journey that started more than 40 years ago with the first electric test vehicles. The BMW i Series is leading the way to a future where driver assist and zero tailpipe emissions are no longer innovations, but a normal way of life.

Sustainability Starts with Manufacturing Plant

Wind power creates the electricity used to build the BMW i Series in the Leipzig, Germany plant. As part of the EfficientDynamics program the company employs to cut energy everywhere, they were able to reduce energy consumption in the plant by 50 percent and water usage by 70 percent. The EfficientDynamics program aims to continue the quest to reduce emissions without sacrificing the pleasure of driving some of the finest vehicles in the world. Every piece of the new i Series is designed to make the planet a better place to live. See and drive the i3 and i8 at Chapman BMW.

Intermodal Guidance Leads the Way

One of the most innovative ways the Apple Watch works with the BMW i3 is the use of the intermodal navigation system. This unique guidance application syncs the watch with the vehicle navigation to continue to lead you to your destination after the car is parked. It also takes you right to your car when your event is over, making it a useful way to avoid wandering through stadium parking lots at night. This is just another way that BMW is leading the charge in the area of personal mobility.