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Stop Circling the Block for Open Spaces

As the world moves closer to a mobility model where cars communicate with each other and their surroundings, BMW announces the next step in technology to make transportation a little easier in a crowded urban environment. The Dynamic Parking Prediction project takes on the problem of finding that elusive parking space during premium business hours. By using the movement data generated by vehicle fleets, Dynamic Parking Prediction shows where the most likely open parking spaces are located. This keeps traffic moving during times of usual congestion. Keep up-to-date on all the technological changes happening at BMW by visiting Chapman BMW.

Connected Navigation Provides Early Warning

As more and more vehicle crowd the nation’s urban streets, traffic flow is a real concern for the 21st century commuter. Several automakers are researching ways to more efficiently move vehicles and people through the cities, but none are more advanced than BMW. The company’s Connected Navigation project works by connecting through the Web with other similarly outfitted vehicles to learn about accidents, congestion and possible other delays. The Real Time Traffic Information System then provides alternative routes to avoid the delays.

Parking Assistance Project Not New

BMW has been working on reducing the time it takes to find a parking space since 2011. By integrating updated digital maps of all available parking spaces with the movement data of a test fleet, engineers are able to run all the information through an algorithm that displays parking options on a digital vehicle screen. Although the system is still in prototype mode, it is moving closer to availability in a production vehicle. “There is clear demand from customers living in large cities for a system capable of predicting on-street parking availability,” said Martin Hauschild, head of traffic management for BMW. “Through its collaboration with INRIX, the BMW Group aims to continue setting the benchmark in urban mobility into the future.”

Prototype Tested on BMW i3

BMW has the perfect vehicle to test the Dynamic Parking Prediction technology on with the innovative i3. As the first premium electric production vehicle, the i3 already features a built-in SIM card with a wide variety of connectivity options including intermodal navigation. This feature determines the best way to reach a destination from a specific point, including the use of public transportation. See all the innovation the i3 has to offer by visiting Chapman BMW  today.


ZHP Adds Adventure to 4-Series Coupe

Originally affixed to the E46 series more than 10 years ago the ZHP package is coming back as part of BMW’s 2016 435i performance handling coupe. Although not quite up to the offering of the M4 sports package, the ZHP utilizes many of the same M package parts including a track handling package, limited slip differential, M Sport Package and other high-end performance parts. Eighteen-inch alloys combine with M Sport Brakes to keep the car on the road in hairpin corners and stop quickly when the need occurs. If Chapman BMW is lucky enough to receive one of the new ZHPs, it won’t be until July of this year.

Pumps up the Power with M Performance Kit

By adding the M Performance Engine Kit, BMW delivers 35 more horsepower and an additional 32 more pound-feet of torque with the automatic transmission. That takes a full half-second off the BMW 4-Series time from 50 miles per hour up to 75 mph. That may not sound like a lot, but can mean the difference between success and failure when merging onto the freeway. An optional sport exhaust provides plenty of rumble while cutting almost 9 pounds off the vehicle weight. Early production estimates show that only 100 vehicles will be built. Adding to the uniqueness of the ZHP, customers will only have a choice of either Alpine White or Black Sapphire Metallic. Contact Chapman BMW for your chance at the new BMW 4-Series ZHP.

Aerodynamics Package Adds Sporting Emphasis

With a front and rear spoiler constructed from quality carbon and a rear diffuser manufactured from space-age polymer, the M Performance Aerodynamics Package of the new BMW 4-Series ZHP adds an exclamation point to the sportiness of the new coupe. Custom BMW black kidney grilles in the front contrast the larger grille in the rear diffuser to tie the whole package together.

Build Your Own Through VIA Program

Recognizing that 100 vehicles won’t go very far to fill demand, BMW offers the Vehicle Distribution Center Installed Accessory (VIA) program. This allow buyers to have factory parts installed on the BMW 4-Series that will make it virtually indistinguishable from the ZHP model. As all parts are installed at the port before being delivered to the dealer, they carry the same factory warranty as the rest of the vehicle. This not only increases the performance of the vehicle, but makes it much easier to get a loan on the car.