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Bay Area Drivers Sought for Study

BMW, in conjunction with Pacific Gas and Electric, is conducting an 18-month study in the San Francisco area to see how efficient use of the i3 charging system can result in more effective power management and overall reduced costs of vehicle use. The BMW I ChargeForward program study has two parts. The first involves BMW i3 owners by having them delay their charging time until grid loads are not at peak levels. The second part of the program recycles MINI E batteries into a solar-powered electric system at the BMW storage facility. “One thing that we’ll be investigating with this pilot is understanding how people charge, how flexible they are with respect to when they charge, and how best to design future products in a way that benefits both customers and utilities,” said Julia Sohnen, BMW advanced technology engineer.

BMW i3 Offers Premium Electric Driving Experience

BMW only knows one way to make cars, with premium performance and luxury features. The BMW i3 comes in two versions. The all-electric model gets an impressive 81 miles per charge, while the version with the Range Extender can go up to 150 miles per charge. Starting at just $42,400 with lease payments available from $269 per month, the i3 provides a surprising 184 foot pounds of torque to pin you back in your seat and put a smile on your face. Leather and wood interior elements spell luxury with all the technology you’d expect from a BMW. Test drive the new i3 for yourself with a visit to Chapman BMW.

Goal is to Reduce Strain on Grid While Lowering Ownership Costs

By choosing less popular times to charge their i3, BMW owners will help lessen the load on the power grid in the Bay area. For their efforts, PG&E will compensate them monetarily. BMW will notify participants by text when they should delay their charging times. Each participant is free to opt out of the program temporarily as needs arise. Each participant is also going to receive a check for $1000 upon entry to the program, with another $540 coming at the end of the study.

Ultimate Goal is to Make EV Vehicles More Attractive

Although electric vehicle technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, not all consumers are sold on the concept. The goal of the BMW study is to show how electric vehicles can be even more cost efficient by managing charging times. Along with working on vehicles that no longer require a driver, advancements in total electric and hybrid vehicles are some of the most important in the auto industry. BMW continues to lead the pack in both advancements. See all the BMW models for yourself to understand just how the company is incorporating technology to create greater fuel efficiency and save lives. Chapman BMW has a huge inventory of new and used BMWs for your examination.