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Cloud Not Just a Place to Store Your Pictures and Music

The automotive industry is not only on Cloud 9 after experiencing a year with record sales, but they’ve begun to use the Cloud to share innovative automotive ideas around the globe. By storing their work in a Cloud-based platform, time zones are no longer the hindrance to productivity that they were in years past. An engineer in Tokyo can post his work to the cloud so a designer in Detroit can immediately reap the benefits of the labor at the start of the workday. The ability to share efforts in real time is being pioneered by BMW. You can see the results of their efforts in all the technological innovation of the cars at your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW.

Information Silos Quickly Becoming a Thing of the Past

Imagine the car design process as a series of silos on a Midwestern farm. Instead of corn, grain and oats, the silos each store a different part of the auto manufacturing process. In one silo are the mechanics of the engine, in another the transmission design and in yet another a radical new idea for more comfortable seats. Because they are each in their own “information silo,” the data takes a long time to filter from one group to another. Using the instant access of the Cloud allows everyone to share data immediately and work through issues as they finalize the design of a new or improved vehicle.

Cloud Data Also Used on Manufacturing Floor

The old days of having to run an engineering drawing around for approval when a change is made on the production floor are quickly becoming a thing of the past. By having all drawings accessible in the Cloud, file sharing becomes almost instantaneous, reducing manufacturing downtime and increasing productivity. Less downtime means less wasted dollars, which results in savings passed on to the consumer. Quality assurance engineers can access the data via a tablet or mobile device, making it easier to resolve problems quickly.

BMW on Cutting Edge of Technology Revolution

With its headquarters in Germany but a major part of its business happening in the United States, BMW is using the Cloud to not only share manufacturing and engineering data, but also marketing, sales and other important corporate information. BMW is also in the forefont of the push toward autonomous vehicles that will use the Cloud to share data and reduce traffic congestion. Visit Chapman BMW to see just how far that technology has come and take a test drive in one of these technological marvels.