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Built on Experience From Race Track

When any BMW model comes with an “M” following the series name, you know it’s a vehicle built for excitement and performance. Advanced racing engineering is the heart and soul of every M model, whether it’s a sedan, coupe or sport utility vehicle. BMW M-Series models are built with an eye toward racing, from the use of strong, lightweight carbon fiber to the finely-tuned twin turbo engines that deliver anywhere from 425 to 600 horsepower. Swing by Chapman BMW  to experience the excitement of M engineering for yourself.

Performance Driving School Delivers Thrills

To learn how to safely get the most out of your new BMW M-Series model, consider attending one of BMW’s performance driving school sessions. You have your choice of a one or two day school that helps hone your reaction times, learn how and when to apply power and get schooled on advanced driving techniques. Master one of the M School classes and you can move up to Advanced M School, where you’ll learn how to harness 560 horses at one of the country’s most famous race tracks. This school covers cornering, downshifting, drifting and concludes with a track race where you can put your schooling to the test. If you’d like a more leisurely learning experience, consider BMW’s Golf and Driving Program. First you’ll take to the track to hone your racing skills, then you go and tee it up at a popular country club like the Cliffs at Keowee Springs. For more information on the BMW Performance School, click here.

New M3 Continues the Legend of Performance

The latest M3 sedan continues the iconic tradition started with the E30 M3, but this isn’t your grandfather’s racing sedan. There’s a noticeable weight loss from the last version of this popular four-door sports car due to the use of carbon fiber. Balance in all things is a key to a well-handling race car, and the return to an inline 6-cylinder engine helps provide even weight distribution. The twin turbochargers provided more than 100 more foot pounds of torque than last year’s M3, or enough to meld your spine with the luxurious interior. Choose the M carbon ceramic brakes and you’ll have six pistons of stopping power instead of the usual four. From the sensuous lines of the body to the high class materials of the interior, this is a car built for racing and comfort.

Step Up to the M6 for Sporty Sophistication

If you’re looking for a sedan that combines roominess, handling, power and sophistication, you need look no farther than BMW’s M6. With 560 horses bridled under the hood, all it takes is a tweak of the accelerator to come up to highway speed. The aerodynamic styling provides a stunning visual whether the car is sitting still or flying through a mountain pass. A rigid rear axle is bolted to the body to provide ultimate control and eliminate fish tailing. Experience the roar of the quad bank exhaust system by taking a test drive at Chapman BMW.