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Twin Turbochargers Just Tip of Technological Iceberg

Although the twin turbochargers on the 4.4-liter 8-cylinder ALPINA B7 engine are responsible for a lot of the performance from this luxury sedan, the newest BMW model is the result of a complex arrangement of technology and style. Along with the turbochargers forcing air into the cylinders, an intercooler and high-performance cooling system keep the engine temperatures down under stressful conditions. The ALPINA air intake system is designed to achieve maximum airflow, both providing oxygen to combine with the fuel and to let heat escape. The overall result is an engine that produces 600 horsepower and 590 foot pounds of torque, more than enough to have a little fun on a weekend run through the mountains. You can see the new ALPINA when you check out the BMW inventory at Chapman BMW this fall.

Advanced Suspension Delivers Range of Driving Experiences

Whether you want cruising comfort on long road trips or need to minimize body roll when putting the car through its paces on some hairpin turns, the ALPINA B7 provides drivers the ability to select a suspension setup. The Driving Dynamics Control ranges from Comfort to Sport, automatically adjusting the shocks, air suspension and a variety of other features that change the ALPINA from a luxury ride to a sports machine. The air suspension system combines with damper control and a road preview system to provide the ultimate ride. Active roll stabilization technology limits the shift of weight during cornering, otherwise known as body roll. Ride height can be changed as appropriate up to 1.6 inches. Rear wheel steering gives a feeling of control usually only associated with true sports cars.

xDrive All Wheel Power Grants Maximum Control

The “x” in xDrive stands for “all-wheel,” meaning your new BMW B7 ALPINA automatically delivers power to the wheel that needs it the most. That makes it very difficult to skid out of control. The xDrive combines with the Dynamic Stability Control to increase agility and performance, providing the best possible driving experience. Optimum traction at all times reduces wheel slippage, making the new B7 a great vehicle for winter driving.

ALPINA Design a True Work of Art

Take one look at the new ALPINA and it’s evident the designers have stayed true to the heritage of BMW. From the classic twin kidney grill, the long hood slopes sharply up toward the windshield. Wrap-around headlights create the illusion of movement that sweeps sharply through the sculpted sides. The aerodynamic drop of the rear window not only adds to the downward force needed for handling, but also waves a cheerful goodbye to all those you leave in your dust. When you look over the BMW inventory at Chapman BMW this fall, take some time to appreciate the technological marvel that is the new ALPINA.