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4-Series Bringing Sexy Back

Although it shares a platform with BMW’s best selling 3-Series, the 4-Series offers more horsepower and better driving dynamics, or what some people would call love on four wheels. The BMW 4-Series is a luxurious driving machine that comes in three different body styles, the convertible, coupe and Gran Coupe hatchback. The M4 comes from the BMW Motorsports division and includes suspension and engine tuning derived from years on the racetrack. All models are outfitted with standard safety equipment including multiple airbags and driver assistance features that use sensors to help avoid collisions. See the entire 4-Series inventory with a trip to Chapman BMW.

Motor Trend Likes ‘Surefootedness’

Popular consumer publication “Motor Trend” loves the driving dynamics of the BMW 4-Series, pointing out that it is lower and wider than the 3-Series counterpart. The result is an agile, surefooted vehicle that delivers plenty of power, whether you’re trying to pass a truck on a mountain incline or just feeling your oats on a run through some tight turns. Motor Trend says that even when outfitted with the 240 four-cylinder turbo engine, the 4-Series has plenty of pop and loads of low and mid-range torque. Move up to the M4 and power is not a problem. This miniscule beast delivers 425 horses and a spine-snapping 406 pound feet of torque. There is also a turbocharged I-6 engine that produces 300 horsepower. Although the suspension is more tuned for the track, Motor Trend editors say that it also delivers a comfortable ride out on the highway.

Technology Improves 4-Series Efficiency

The engineers at BMW are never happy with good enough. They not only want to produce a high-performance luxury car, but they also want it to be efficient on fuel. Little touches like air breathers that rest behind the front wheels help lessen drag and improve mileage. The 428i model gets up to 35 mpg on the highway, while the 435i scores 32 mpg. High precision direct injection and valvetronic technology help contribute to the combination of power and great gas mileage.

Lower That Top in Just 20 Seconds

The BMW 4-Series Convertible takes just 20 seconds to raise or lower, even at speeds of up to 11 mph. It’s one fluid motion to let the sunshine in or keep the rain out, allowing you to make the most out of your driving experience. See the sexy convertible and other 4-Series choices with a trip to Chapman BMW.

Microsoft Build 2016, San Francisco.

Download App to Help Solve Transportation Problems

BMW ConnectedDrive Customers can now download the “BMW Connected North America” app to help provide solutions to transportation issues. This highly personalized digital service integrates your vehicle into other aspects of your personal life. By monitoring traffic conditions and learning your typical travel times, BMW Connected can help keep you on schedule with departure notification times. It can also send pre-formatted text messages to family members, friends and acquaintances, notifying them of your expected arrival time. Go talk to the pros at your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW about all the ways BMW Connected can make your travel life easier.

Add Points of Interest to Your Profile

The BMW Connected app provides a profile where you can store your common destinations and points of interest so they can be recalled at a moment’s notice. Your BMW Connected app learns your tendencies as you spend time together, making each trip easier than the last. The app seamlessly integrates with vehicles equipped with ConnectedDrive. Along with planning routes and detailing arrival times, you can also lock and unlock your doors, flash the lights and get the air conditioning started. If you have a plug-in hybrid, the app also details important vehicle information like charge state and hybrid range.

Open Mobility Cloud Melds Customer Services

BMW Connect is part of the company’s open mobility cloud, that continuously processes environment, services and touchpoint information to address consumer mobility requirements. This state-of-the art technology works in the background to deliver personalized and necessary service as a customer requires them. Working on the Microsoft Azure platform, the open mobility cloud is open to other developers who want to include new and innovative applications that will improve transportation in the 21st century.

BMW Connected Another Solution to Urban Clog

The open mobility cloud and use of applications like BMW Connected are all part of the solution BMW is working on to help solve the transportation problems of the future. Technology that includes driver assistance features are the stepping stones toward autonomous driving vehicles, which are key to resolving stifling gridlock predicted for the future. Features like lane change assist, adaptive cruise control and blind sport monitoring are just the beginning of a movement that will one day have cars communicating with one another to keep traffic flowing. See all the new technology that is leading the fight toward ease of movement by stopping in at Chapman BMW, your Phoenix BMW dealer.