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Racing Inspired Coupe Just Got a Little Sassier

By opting to add the Competition Package to the new BMW M4 Coupe, drivers get a little more horsepower but a much-enhanced suspension setup that enables the sporty luxury ride to decrease track times. “Car and Driver” magazine editors note that the increase of 19 horsepower to a total of 444 isn’t really that noticeable. It’s the improvement to the chassis setup that makes the package worth the extra $5K. Even though the M4 is the result of the BMW racing team getting their hands on a regular 4-Series Coupe, the Competition Package takes the already firm suspension and upgrades it with stiffer rear axle springs, anti-roll bars that are twist resistant, and upgraded dampers. Even the software for the driver select modes is changed, in effect upgrading each selection to a sportier alternative. What the normal M4 selects as Comfort mode is now the Sport selection in the car with the Competition Package. To find the BMW that’s right for you, check out the entire inventory at Chapman BMW.

Beefed Up Suspension at Home on Track or Road

Whether you’re crossing the mountains on the way to San Diego or rent some time at a local track, you’ll find the Competition Package suspension enhances your driving experience. The upgraded dampers help smooth out the bumps on normal workday roads when you put the car on Comfort setting. Twist it to Sport Plus and it may be a bit rough for your daily commute, but you’ll really notice the distance in the lack of understeer and drift on the track. “The steering feels crisper and delivers more feedback at road speeds while remaining equally faithful at higher loadings,” according to “Car and Driver.” “Apply some cost-benefit analysis, and the Competition Package scores a resounding ‘yes,’ adding more than enough edge to justify the increase in price for most of those who would pick a BMW M4.”

M Designation Available in Seven Different Models

BMW likes to say “M is the most powerful letter in the world,” with the understanding that the M designation means a BMW coupe, sedan, convertible or SUV has been upgraded with technology and performance that was learned on the toughest race courses in the world. All the 2-Series through 6-Series models have an M-enhanced model available, as does the X-5 and X-6 SUVs. If you’d like to put a little more excitement in your life, take the time to swing by Chapman BMW and take an M model out on the road.


Enjoy the ‘Ultimate Riding Machine’

Although BMWs are known for their performance handling and sporty driving experience, there are times when a driver just wants to sit back, turn up the tunes and enjoy the ride. For those drivers, there is the BMW 740i. The flagship sedan from the Bavarian automaker delivers the ultimate in comfort with a cushy ride, comfortable seat, responsive handling and plenty of electronic gizmos to help the time pass by. As BMW continues to take steps toward a self-driving vehicle, the BMW 740i utilizes sensor-driven safety features such as adaptive cruise control and lane drift assist to help drivers avoid collisions. See all the BMW 7-Series inventory by taking a trip to Chapman BMW.

7-Series “Intuitive Intelligence” Keeps You in Control

With Gesture Control steering the iDrive 5.0 infotainment system, a simple touch, swipe or movement of your hand lets you switch from navigation to music to handsfree communication while leaving your eyes constantly on the road. The large touch screen and center control panel puts you at the center of your own sophisticated universe, where replying to a text or changing to your favorite artist is as easy as waving goodbye to a friend. As long as we’re discussing the inner workings of the 7-Series, this is one car where the back seat takes a back seat to know one. Rich, supple leather reclining seats mean you may want the driver to take another spin around the block before you exit the vehicle. Road trip? No problem as individual available LED monitors play your favorite movies or TV shows at the touch of a button. Dual moon roofs let the sunshine or night sky in, or shut the panels and enjoy the rich cloth headliner.

This Beast Has Some Get Up and Go

There are probably times when you need to punch it just a bit to get the old juices flowing, like when you have to beat a 16-wheeler for a freeway merge, want to pass someone in a dicey situation or simply want to beat that kid in the sports car off the line. With a 445 horsepower TwinPower Turbo V8, the 7-Series has plenty of pop to get you where you want to be. The use of carbon fiber cuts a lot of weight out of the vehicle while still maintaining plenty of structure. The result of the power and weight loss is a stunning 0 to 60 mph time of just 4.3 seconds.

Packages Add Tons of Features

The BMW 7-Series starts with a load of standard features, but there are many different packages to help up the ante on this marvelous touring sedan. Choose the Driver Assistance Plus package and you get a slew of sensor-based driver assistance features. The Interior Design package adds some more wood trim and upgraded headliner, while the Luxury Seating package adds heated seats and rear massage seats. Look over the 7-Series inventory at Chapman BMW and pick the vehicle that best suits your needs.