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All Great Things Start With a Vision

It takes great vision for monumental change to occur, whether that’s the dream of a new job, the ambition to move across country or the foresight to completely change the future of personal transportation. BMW engineers had vision when they rewrote the book on how people can interact with electric vehicles. The result is the BMW i, vehicles that provide performance, efficiency, innovation and design as the future of personal transportation continues to evolve. Whether you prefer the plug-in hybrid BMW i8 sports car or the more demure i3 commuter, take the time to visit Chapman BMW and test drive them both.

Construction Goes From Ground Up

By utilizing Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) in much of the foundation for BMW i cars, engineers were able to cut half the weight of steel. CFRP is just as strong as steel, but the lighter weight improved handling, thrust and miles per gallon. The use of CFRP is an industry-first that shows how BMW’s forward thinking will help solve transportation problems in the coming decades. That innovation also works for the chassis and frame in a modern concept known as LifeDrive. By making two separate units, the Drive Module and the Life Module, BMW was able to reduce more weight and increase the range of the hybrid and electric vehicles. Although the vehicles are assembled in a “smart” plant in Germany, the carbon fibers are manufactured in Moses Lake, Washington.

i3 Offers 114-mile Range

The subcompact BMW i3 electric vehicle has a 114-mile range, making it a smart choice for a daily commuter or to maneuver quickly through urban traffic. With 184 pound-feet of torque, the i3 has the get up and go to merge quickly with freeway traffic while still providing a few thrills when you find a nice stretch of curvy road. The LifeDrive module delivers a spacious feeling inside, where you can enjoy the use of upscale materials and a large touchscreen for music, communication and navigation. The eucalyptus dashboard is a breathing entity that darkens as it gets older, providing a nice contrast to the olive tanned leather seats.

i8 Hybrid is Bad to the Bone

If you think all hybrids are nice, polite little cars that are about as thrilling as driving a golf cart, you need to head to Chapman BMW and take the i8 for a test drive. This plug-in hybrid combines an electric motor on the front axle and twin turbo gas engine on the rear axle to deliver 357 horsepower and neck pressing 420 foot pounds of torque. Tromp on the accelerator and try to reign in your smile as you hit 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds on the way to a top speed of 155 mph. With all that performance, the i8 still gets a remarkable 76 MPGe, making it the fun, environmentally-friendly vehicle you’ve always been looking for.


Passionate Beemer Owners Like to Congregate

If you’re considering buying a BMW, know that the fraternity of ownership goes far beyond the sales lot. International, national and local BMW clubs provide a chance to get together, show off your car and learn from each other in a family-friendly environment. There are two national car clubs recognized by BMW which consist of about 125,000 BMW owners. The membership in these clubs make up about 40 percent of the total participation in BMW clubs worldwide. For more information on either of these clubs, please feel free to stop by Chapman BMW.

BMW Car Club of America

The BMW Car Club of America (CCA) is the biggest single brand car club in the world. Along with special events, the club offers benefits such as BMW discounts, roadside assistance and technical service advisors. BMW CCA hosts events all across the country including rallies, parties, autocross and much more. There are 68 chapters spread across the nation, including one each in Scottsdale and Tucson. For more information on how to join, go to

BMW Vintage &Classic Car Club of America

You don’t have to own a vintage BMW to join the BMW Vintage and Classic Car Club of America. All you need is an interest in classic BMWs and a desire to participate in periodic events and trips. The club holds a major rally once a year, with the “Pine Tree State Rally” scheduled for September 2017 in Maine. This club’s mission is to keep alive interest in classic BMW automobiles and all the derivatives that have sprung from the BMW tree. The club also promotes the preservation of these classic cars, as well as providing a resource for people who are interested in restoring vintage BMWs. Head to for more information.

Enthusiast Websites Have Something for Everyone

If your interest in BMW automobiles is more specific, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have one in your garage. Chapman BMW has a huge inventory of BMW models just ready to go to a loving home. Once that’s done, head to the BMW website for a complete listing of all the more popular clubs and websites. Examples include the Vintage Microcar Club, which is devoted to those who enjoy classic foreign and domestic microcars. This includes the BMW Isetta, BMW 600 and Messerschmitt. The “First Five” website is devoted to the E-12 BMW series that came to life in 1972, specifically targeted to the American auto market. Another popular website is devoted specifically to the E30 M3, a sport sedan that had great success on the European racing circuit.