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Choose From Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe

When the 2018 BMW 4-Series arrives on the lot at Chapman BMW later this spring, you’ll have the choice of three different body styles that fit almost any need or desire. “The arrival of the first BMW 4-Series marks the beginning of a new era for BMW,” said Karim Habib, BMW’s design chief. “The Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe signposted their ‘extra portion’ of dynamism, elegance and exclusiveness over the BMW 3-Series with their own designation. The model update distinguishes the 4-Series cars even more clearly from their sister model series and ensures that this ‘extra portion’ makes its presence felt both inside and out.” The 4-Series will start arriving in March, available as 430i and 440i xDrive models.

4-Series Success Started in 2013

When BMW released the first 4-Series Coupe in September 2013, customers were wowed with the two-door’s beauty and performance. A wide stance and longer wheelbase add to the athletic silhouette of the 2018 model, which remains a fun and luxurious sports machine. The Coupe, Convertible and four-door Gran Coupe all take their styling from the Concept 4-Series Coupe that was introduced to the auto world during the show season of 2012. Hexagon LED headlights, a massive air intake and LED tail lights are all distinctive and reminiscent of earlier models. “The maxim guiding the BMW 4 Series model update was ‘stick to the proven formula but add extra richness to the car’s character,’” said head of exterior design Domagoj Dukec. “That’s why the exterior design shines the spotlight most brightly on the dynamic and elegant qualities of the BMW 4-Series family.”

All-wheel Drive and Stiffer Suspension Add Control

You can choose to add all-wheel drive to any of the 2018 BMW 4-Series models, offering superior handling and better control during inclement weather. BMW engineers have revised the suspension system, offering advanced technology to adjust the dampers and steering as road conditions and speed change. The result is reduced roll and better handling through sharp turns. Choose the 430i and you get a TwinTurbo engine with a healthy 248 horsepower. Step up a bit to the 440i and the horsepower increases to 320.

Plenty of Technology and Comfort on Interior

When you buy a BMW you expect the very best in comfort and sophistication. The new 4-Series does not disappoint. An available multifunctional instrument display lets the driver choose the vehicle data he or she wants to see. Wireless smart phone charging and a Wi-Fi hotspot means you and your passengers are always connected and ready to communicate with the outside world. Stay in touch with Chapman BMW to take a test drive of the 2018 4-Series when the new models arrive this March.

Luxury Just Got Serious

For those looking for a performance vehicle with some serious luxury, it’s time to head to Chapman BMW and explore the BMW 6-Series inventory. Beautiful and sophisticated are two words that come to mind when describing the new 6-Series, a popular choice for people seeking a premium sports machine.  From the iconic BMW front end your eye will follow the elongated flow of the profile, admiring the muscular stance of this Ultimate Driving Machine. The dramatic curves of the 6-Series didn’t happen by accident; they are the result of painstaking attention to detail from the engineering and design team, melding the exterior and interior into one eye-popping machine.

How Fast Do You Want to Go?

Choose the 3.0L Twin Turbo 6 cylinder engine and you can take your 6-Series from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds, which might be a bit of a shock for the kid in the souped-up Civic sitting next to you at the stop light. The tremendous power works together with an intelligent chassis that continually adjusts the damper of your shock absorbers as road conditions and your speed changes. This, in conjunction with BMW’s near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution, helps keep you in control whether you’re on the way to work or testing your new 6-Series on a weekend run.

Coupe, Gran Coupe or Convertible? The Choice is Yours

The BMW 6-Series offers a nice selection of models depending on your needs. If you’re one of those people who think that two doors is the perfect number for a car, the Coupe and Convertible would be a smart choice. If hauling the kids to soccer on Saturdays or taking a turn in the office car pool are part of your agenda, perhaps the Gran Coupe 4-door would be more to your liking.For the ultimate in luxury, power and pure exhilaration, head to Chapman BMW and check out the Alpina B6 Gran Coupe. It takes power, design and comfort to a whole new level.

This is Your Car. Make it Personal

Take advantage of the BMW Individual composition experience to make your new 6-Series reflective of your personality. With distinct personal touches in badging for both the outside and interior, you get the ability to design your new BMW as an extension of your better self.  Additional packages let you enhance your BMW 6-Series experience with driver assistance features, black accents and a super premium Bang & Olufsen sound system.