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X Replaces ‘Utility’ With ‘Activity’

Almost every automaker offers some version of a crossover or Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), with the intent of providing a big enough interior to haul people and stuff. BMW does things a bit differently, including replacing the word “Utility” with “Activity” in their performance X lineup. Each X SAV delivers plenty of space and hauling ability, but they come with the performance and sophistication people have come to expect from BMW. Just because you’re in a life position where you need a bigger vehicle doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a premium driving experience. Head to Chapman BMW and see which X SAV will be the one to let you live your adventure.

It’s Not Enough to Simply Drive

Just about anyone can competently steer a vehicle to get from point A to point B, but BMW believes that driving should be its own reward. With up to 445 horsepower, the X lineup from BMW lets you leave everyone in the dust, whether you’re trying to secure that small spot in a freeway merge or making a run up the mountains. xDrive, BMW’s intelligent all-wheel drive system helps you maintain control in inclement weather, or you can choose the agility that comes with the new sDrive rear-wheel drive system. Either way, you get the engineering and near perfect weight distribution that comes with a BMW.

Start With X1 and Work Your Way Up

When you head to the Chapman BMW lot, start looking with the compact X1, a small SAV that has the best performance in its class, along with outstanding cargo space and headroom. From there, look at the slightly larger X3 or the bold X4, which also comes in the unique design of the X4 M40i. The M designation stands for Motorsports, which means the racing division of BMW has gotten their hands on this little rocket. The M40i is unlike anything else on the road, with aerodynamic design, phenomenal acceleration and superior handling in all types of road conditions.

Go Big or Go Home

The X5 and X6 are the big dogs of the X model lineup, with the X5 featuring a large cargo area and the X6 more coupe-like with a style that’s all its own. Seat up to seven in the three-row X5 without sacrificing performance. The optional Dynamic Performance Control and active roll stabilization help keep you in control out on the highway. The X5 also has an optional DVD entertainment system to keep everyone else occupied while you enjoy the best driving experience of your life.

Performance and Style Rolled Into One Package

The BMW 2-Series offers a dominating performance in a coupe or convertible that won’t break the bank. It’s true the 2-Series is the entry level into the vaunted BMW lineup, but that doesn’t mean this vehicle isn’t all heart with a ton of performance and loads of comfort. Pick the rear-wheel drive M240i coupe and you’ll get a rocket that blasts from a stop to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, even faster if you choose xDrive. The beautiful lines and low beltline ooze a feeling of power while still providing you lots of options to personalize your new BMW. If you’ve always wanted a BMW but balked at the price, now’s the time to take a test drive at Chapman BMW and see just what you’ve been missing.

BMW 2-Series Earns Record Customer Satisfaction

When Consumer Reports quizzed owners on their satisfaction with the BMW 2-Series, it earned a record 98 percent rating. The all-new M240i is a pure driver’s vehicle that delivers plenty of performance, while even the base 230i is an athletic vehicle that’s long on nimbleness with double-pivot front suspension and five-link rear suspension. As you might expect from a carmaker with the track record of BMW, each 2-Series model has the suspension tuned specifically for that vehicle, taking in power, weight and other factors to provide the optimum driving experience. BMW’s Dynamic Stability Control delivers the maximum amount of traction as you launch off the line, keeping you in charge and your vehicle heading straight down the highway.

Plenty of New Technology Available

BMW’s iDrive navigation system features a large 8.8-inch display and automatically updated maps so you’ll always have the latest route information. Add in a Wi-Fi hotspot and you turn your BMW 2-Series into a rolling Internet connection, making sure you and your passengers are always connected to the latest information and entertainment. Wireless phone charging means you don’t have to mess with clumsy cables to keep your electronics at a maximum operating level. An available Harmon Kardon sound system keeps you wrapped in symphonic sound, thanks to its 360-watt amp, 12 speakers, 5 tweeters and two central bass speakers sitting directly under the front seats.

Drop That Top and Welcome the Sun

There are few things as pleasurable as driving in Arizona on a warm spring day with the top down. The BMW 2-Series convertible lets you traverse those highways in style, allowing you to drop the top at speeds up to 30 mph. Head to Chapman BMW for a test drive and drop that top to see just how enjoyable driving a premium convertible can be.

Part Beauty, Part Beast

Take one look at BMW’s flagship 7-Series sedan and you see a sophisticated beauty with crisp lines and an athletic stance. Hop behind the wheel and step on the gas and this beauty is transformed into a beast that’s capable of jetting from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, quickly separating you from the rest of the pack. A luxurious ride, sporty handling and an interior that’s as comfortable as your favorite chair completes the package for this Ultimate Driving Machine. See the future of luxury transportation for yourself by taking a test drive at Chapman BMW.

Pick Your Power Package

Even the least powerful BMW 7-Series still provides plenty of pop in the 740i model, with a 3.0L 6-cylinder engine that generates 320 horses and a neck-snapping 322 pound-feet of torque. You could move up a bit to the 750i, which has a 4.4L V8 capable of going from 0-60 in just 4.3 seconds, but if you’re going to do that you might as well go all the way to the M760i. That’s the model that features the TwinTurbo 12-cylinder monster engine that will deliver the most power, generating 601 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. It also produces a throaty roar that will put a smile on the 16-year-old kid that’s still lurking somewhere inside you.

Get Electrified With Hybrid Model

The BMW 7-Series also offers a hybrid option that pairs the 2.0L TwinTurbo 4-cylinder gas engine with an electric motor that runs off a powerful lithium-ion battery. The 740e Xdrive model also features BMW’s all-wheel drive system for superior handling in all types of weather and road conditions. Naturally, the 740e is also the most fuel-efficient 7-Series, earning an EPA rating of 64 MPGe.

Pick a Package to Personalize Your 7-Series

When you stop in at Chapman BMW to look over the 7-Series inventory, make sure and inquire about the special package options. One of the most popular groupings is the Rear Executive Lounge Seating package that turns your 7-Series into a comfortable living room of the highest level. The M Sport package adds an aerodynamic kit, some sport brakes and nice rims, while the Ambient Air package uses ionization technology to purify the cabin air. Personalize your new BMW 7-Series further by choosing the Individual Composition package that offers a unique selection of paint, door sills, steering wheel and badging.

Smart Chassis Does the Work

The braintrust in the BMW engineering department have been working overtime to perfect the intelligent chassis of the 7-Series. A feature called “Active Comfort Drive with Road Preview” utilizes a front camera to analyze the road and quickly adjust your damper settings to provide the most comfortable ride and best handling possible. Two-axle air suspension smooths out the bumps of the nation’s highways while still providing the responsiveness you come to expect from a BMW.