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Designed to make every trip you take a smile-inducing indulgence, the new BMW Z4 Roadster is a stunning sports car that not only delivers in looks, but also performance. With the ability to go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds en route to a top speed of 165 mph, the Z4 is the Ultimate Driving Machine that feels as fun as it looks. Treat yourself to a test drive today at Chapman BMW in Chandler.

Bold Style is a Beautiful Look

Take a few moments to walk around the BMW Z4 and let the beauty of the aggressive styling sink in. Good things really do come in small packages, as evidenced by the classic proportions and sweeping lines that boldly define this sports car’s presence. From the little lip spoiler on the rear deck and the sturdy roll bars to the elongated hood that announces the Z4’s arrival, this is a roadster that’s full of character. The low stance of the Z4 provides a center of gravity that’s built for hugging the road. The clever seat placement is just inches ahead of the rear axle, begging you to attack corners with a vengeance on the track or occasional isolated highway.

Top Up or Down in Just a Few Seconds

When the weather changes suddenly you can either lower or raise the top in just 19 seconds at speeds up to 25 mph. This is one roadster that looks just as impressive with the top up as it does with the top down. The curving line of the top matches up perfectly with the sloping hood, creating one long flowing swoop that takes advantage of aerodynamic technology to deliver a phenomenal driving experience.

Stunning Interior is all BMW

You expect nothing but the best when you buy a BMW and the Z4 interior does not disappoint. Choose the optional Burnt Sienna/Ivory White package for the ultimate in sophistication and luxury. It’s a unique look that’s all class, proving that a real sports car can offer real comfort as well. The dash of the BMW Z4 is a purist’s dream, with a circular instrument panel hearkening back to the sports cars of yesteryear while delivering the technology and vehicle information important to today’s driver. The large color touchscreen provides all the controls you need for killer sound and communications to let you stay in touch with the outside world. Choose the premium sound package and you’ll immerse yourself in concert quality sound that’s finely tuned to the inside dimensions of the vehicle. See how much fun can come in a small package when you test drive the Z4 at Chapman BMW today.

Whether you add a little growl and functionality to your exhaust or just tune up the interior to look more like a race car, Chapman BMW has the performance parts to personalize your new BMW. While all BMW’s earn the moniker “Ultimate Driving Machine,” adding some aerodynamic accessories or lightening the load by switching some components to carbon fiber are great ways to make your BMW stand out from the crowd.

Aerodynamic Kits Reduce Drag

Tailored to perfectly fit your BMW, the available aerodynamic kits accentuate your vehicle’s sporty appearance while reducing drag and possibly increasing gas mileage. For vehicles that don’t already come with an M Performance package, you can get accessories for the front, rear and sides to help increase downward push so your vehicle grips the road even better than it already does. Individual accessories for sale include a carbon fiber front splitter, rear carbon diffuser and even a sport short rod antenna.

Car Covers Designed to Fit Like a Glove

If you work in a place that doesn’t offer covered parking, one popular accessory is the BMW car cover. Designed to fit every muscular bump and aerodynamic line, the BMW car covers slip on easily to protect your vehicle from dirt, dust and the brutal UV rays of the Arizona sun. An outdoor car cable lock will help keep your cover in place during those unpredictable afternoon dust storms. The car cover not only protects the interior, but also shields the interior from the sun, helping the materials last longer and cutting the interior temperature dramatically.

Great Speed Requires Great Stopping Ability

You’ve already added all the performance parts to make your new BMW go faster, so now’s the time to invest in the high-performance brake system. Only BMW knows how to bring all that horsepower to a dead stop efficiently and quickly. The BMW Performance Brake Kits include ventilated front rotors that are cross-drilled and equipped with large calipers. These are the brakes that not only stop you quickly, but also dissipate heat and water from building up on the rotors and pads.

Show Off Your BMW Style

From special performance shift levers and knobs to pin striping kits and license plate frames, Chapman BMW has the accessories for you to make your BMW an extension of your personality. They also have a large selection of new and used BMWs from which to choose. Stop in today for a test drive and to look at all the aftermarket accessories that can help you personalize your new BMW.


With an aerodynamic design inspired by some of the top coupes available today, the new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo delivers both the comfort of a sophisticated sedan with the appeal of a sports car. Coming this fall to Chapman BMW as a 640i xDrive model, the newest kid on the 6-Series block will feature an active kidney grill, air breathers, air curtains and an active rear spoiler to deliver the utmost in performance and handling. A standard rear air suspension and double wishbone suspension setup in the front not only helps you power through corners with limited body roll, but also provides the cloudlike ride you come to expect from BMW sedans.

A Style All its Own

From the flowing roofline that delves deep into the rear of the car to the elongated proportions and athletic flanks, the design of the new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo is reminiscent of a powerful racehorse straining at the bit. “The all-new BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo is geared towards discerning customers who place great importance on individuality,” said BMW senior VP Adrian van Hooydonk. “It is an eye-catching statement, packaged into a flowing, sculptural design language which gives the car a modern and sporty feel. The raised seating position ensures an imperious brand of driving pleasure, and the luxurious levels of space provide everything you need for a relaxing journey.” Starting at the front, the iconic BMW kidney grille is large and successfully anchors the front end, while the oversized headlight housings create a wide swath that emphasize the width of the vehicle. The flowing lines and precise surfaces of the profile include powerful, flared wheel arches help break up the illusion of light and shadow. The rear of the car provides an exclamation point with tapered surfaces magnifying the trunk width.

Luxurious Interior Destined to Impress

Once you slip behind the wheel of the newest member of the BMW 6-Series lineup, take some time to breathe in all the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating the luxurious interior. The cockpit is designed around the driver, putting all important controls and displays within easy reach of both the fingers and eyes. The standard Dakota leather upholstery comes in a variety of colors, while optional Nappa leather comes in three choices, mocha, black and ivory white. Pay particular attention to the raised seating position, allowing the driver to have a greater view of the road while enhancing the driving experience.

Powered by TwinTurbo Engine

The new 640i xDrive model is powered by BMW’s 6-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine. Integrated with a 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, the engine delivers 335 horsepower and the ability to hit 60 mph from a dead stop in just 5.1 seconds. Allow the automatic transmission to take you smoothly through the gears, getting the most out of every power range, or take over the controls yourself by utilizing the included paddle shifters. Stay in contact with Chapman BMW this summer to see when the new 6-Series Gran Turismo will be available for inspection and a test drive.