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3-Series Great Choice for Holiday Classic

If you’re looking to celebrate the Holidays by picking up the level of your daily transportation, the BMW 3-Series is a great choice that offers power, handling, and the sophistication you’d expect from a premium automaker. With a price starting in the mid-$30,000 range, the 3-Series offers adventure around every corner while delivering a driving experience that’s unmistakably BMW. Check out the new 3-Series lineup and save some time for a test drive when you visit Chapman BMW.

More Than Four Decades of Constant Refinement

The BMW 3-Series debuted in 1975, creating a revolution in the car industry. It was one of the first affordable premium cars from an automaker known for technological innovation, craftsmanship and years of success on the European racing circuit. After more than 40 years, it is still the benchmark that other compact vehicles try to emulate. With a choice of a sedan, sports wagon or the uniquely designed Gran Turismo, the 3-Series makes a statement every time you hit the road. From the signature kidney grille to the distinctive grace and lines that create a feeling of motion even when its standing still, the BMW 3-Series is an iconic treasure that will make your Holiday season memorable.

Lessons Learned Go into Every Car

Years of racing have created a laundry list of lessons learned a mile long. BMW engineers take those lessons and incorporate them into every BMW that comes off the line. From near-perfect weight distribution to an advanced power steering and suspension setup, your BMW 3-Series will handle unlike no other compact car. With your choice of peppy four-cylinder engines, a monster inline 6-cylinder that produces 320 horsepower or a diesel engine that creates a phenomenal amount of torque, the BMW 3-Series offers powertrain options for all levels of efficiency and performance. Add the xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system and your new 3-Series will have even more responsive handling, perfect for bad weather conditions or those occasions when you find a nice curvy highway and want to test your skills.

Featured Packages Offer Personalization

BMW offers a number of different packages that let you personalize your new BMW 3-Series. The convenience tier focuses on the making your drive more fun, adding a moon roof and other features. The premium tier includes heated front seats, and a real-time navigation system, while the executive tier offers a full LED lighting system where the headlights lead the way around corners. Side and top-view cameras and a parking assistant help you avoid those frustrating little fender benders, while a full Dakota leather interior lets you sink into the lap of luxury. See all the different options and color schemes that will make your 3-Series something special when you take a trip to Chapman BMW.

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