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Drop Your Top in a 4-Series Convertible


Put Top Up or Down in Just 20 Seconds

If you’ve considered buying a convertible but didn’t want the hassle of having to pull over and put the top up if confronted with a sudden rain storm, consider the easy transitioning hard top that comes with the BMW 4-Series Convertible. This hard top goes up or down in just 20 seconds at the push of a button, even if you’re moving as fast as 11 mph. That means all you need is a well timed stoplight or a quick turn through a parking lot to make your top nice and secure. Unlike canvas convertible tops, the hard top also offers sound reduction and integrated lighting to make the drop top seem like a conventional coupe. Check out the 4-Series convertible by visiting Chapman BMW.

No Body Flexing in This Convertible

Although traditional convertibles give the open air feeling of sportiness, in fact most of them don’t handle as well as a hardtop coupe. The BMW 4-Series Convertible has a wide track, long wheelbase and lower ride height to help it grip the road and provide a dynamic driving experience. A special suspension setup brings the center of gravity down even further and BMW’s commitment to 50/50 weight distribution means your 4-Series Convertible offers the benefits of the company’s experience on the European racing circuit.

Some of the Features You Can Expect From a Beemer

Do you like riding with the top down in the spring or fall, even when it’s still a bit chilly out? BMW has neck warmers in the headrests of the front seat to bathe you with warm air as you tool about the countryside. You’ll need some tunes as you drive and you’ll want to stay connected to the outside world, so BMW ConnectedDrive provides navigation, real time traffic information, Bluetooth streaming and hands free connection to your smart phone. Choose the Luxury Package and your 4-Series becomes even more special, with a choice of soft leathers, contrasting stitching and gorgeous wood trim.

Twin Turbo Provides Plenty of Pop

The BMW TwinPower Turbo engine comes standard in the 428i convertible, providing 240 horsepower and 255 pound feet of torque that launches you from the starting line like a bottle rocket. Move up to the 435i and you get a turbocharged six cylinder that has all but eliminated turbo lag. Test drive both models for yourself by taking a trip to Chapman BMW.

BMW Test Drives Benefit Charity


‘Drive for a Cause’ Donates Funds

For every test drive you take from now through September at Chapman BMW and other company dealerships, BMW of North America will make a donation to either Team USA or a local charity. “Drive for a Cause is more than a summer sales initiative – it’s a meaningful part of what we do to support Team USA and other important local charitable endeavors,” according to BMW VP of marketing Trudy Hardy. “Any time you can get people behind the wheel of a BMW while simultaneously generating attention and raising money for worthy charities, it’s a win-win.”

BMW Sets Goal of $1.5 Million

Whether it goes to support the athletes training for the Olympics, Paralympics or a local charity, BMW North America has a goal of raising $1.5 million through “Drive for a Cause.” Check in with the pros at your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW, to see when they are hosting a special event to pit all the BMW models up against the competition. This way you can have a clear comparison as to why the German automaker is completely in its own league. There is no commitment to buy anything. Your test drive alone is enough to ensure that BMW donates to charity. Go to the Drive for a Cause website to register for the event.

BMW Genius Offers Product Assistance

One of the reasons that people remain loyal to the BMW brand is the company’s charitable endeavors. Another is the way that BMW goes out of its way to make owning one of the finest driving machines in the world an enjoyable experience. The new BMW Genius program is a concerted effort to make sure BMW owners get all their questions answered in a timely fashion. From knowledgeable product experts at dealerships like Chapman BMW, to a new Genius App that provides how-to videos about how to work all the features of your new car, the Genius program is geared to make ownership easy. A Genius hotline is available at 1-844-4GENIUS six days a week to answer all your questions.

BMW Encore the Final Step to Product Education

BMW realizes that modern vehicles can be an exercise in technological frustration. Although each dealership takes pains to go over all the features upon delivery, it is a lot of information to absorb all at once. So, when you forget how to set your clock or reset your trip odometer, that’s all information that can be gone over again in your BMW Encore appointment. Once you’ve had some time to familiarize yourself with the car, all you need to do is call for an Encore appointment with your list of questions and the experts will take as much time as necessary to make sure you and your Beemer can function as one.

iNEXT Self-Driving Car Coming by 2021

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.52.10 AM

What’s Next? BMW Chief Say iNEXT

Harald Krueger, CEO of Bavarian Motor Works, told investors at a recent shareholder meeting that the company will have a self-driving car by 2021. Called the BMW iNEXT, the luxury vehicle will continue the “i” brand as the first vehicle that can go from Point A to Point B without a driver. Kreuger said the car is “our new innovation driver, with autonomous driving, digital connectivity, intelligent lightweight design, a totally new interior, and ultimately bringing the next generation of electro-mobility to the road.” Head to Chapman BMW and you can test drive the i3 and i8, an electric and hybrid vehicle that are proving the technology for years to come.

Next Step is to Update i8

As BMW works through the progression towards creating a self-driving vehicle, the next step will be to increase the range and lower the weight of the i8, as well as add an open-air roadster configuration for 2018. The i8 unleashes the power of a twin turbo gas engine and electric motor combined, taking you from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds. Top speed is an electronically limited 155 mph, which is aided by the aerodynamic design of the body and a rear wing that provides significant downforce to help you hold the road. The engine and transmission work in conjunction with a design tested to minimize drag to deliver up to 76 MPGe fuel efficiency with a total range of 330 miles.

Sustainable Materials Part of i3 Build

The BMW i3 electric vehicle is a testament to engineering and design, with the interior consisting of more than 25 percent of natural sustainable resources. From the open pore wood dashboard to the olive leaf leather, the i3 cockpit is about as green as you can get while still providing a luxurious, sophisticated feel. Extensive use of carbon fiber in the shell of the i3 makes it one of the lightest cars on the road, yet still one of the strongest. The navigation system in the i3 is a precursor to the one that will eventually make self-driving cars a reality. The Range Assistant takes not only your route into account, but also your battery level, the way you drive, how many hills are between you and your destination and the amount of traffic before deciding on the best route. See just how far technology has become by checking out both the i3 and i8 at Chapman BMW.

BMW 100 years

Flagship Luxury Sedan Celebrates History

With only 100 models available worldwide and just 5 coming to the United States, you should check in now with the pros at Chapman BMW to see about securing a “BMW Individual 7 Series The Next 100 Years” model. This variant on the popular flagship luxury sedan is based on the M760i xDrive V12. With 610 horsepower backed by an industry-leading combination of agility, comfort and luxury, this limited edition is sure to become a collector’s item. By paying attention to the smallest details, the new 100 Year model is an uncompromising blend of technology and craftsmanship.

V12 Engine Steeped in History

The engine powering the centennial BMW 7-Series model pays homage to the first 12-cylinder engine ever created in the post World War II era. It was 1987 when German engineers produced the monstrous motor, the first ever to incorporate a wire throttle. The new 6.6L V12 is outfitted with Twin Turbo technology pioneered in BMW’s M racing division. With 610 horsepower, it propels the large sedan to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, an astonishing time for a large luxury car.

Interior a Pure Work of Art

From the Smoke White Merino leather seats with black adornments to the leather covered console and armrests, the interior of the centennial 7-Series is as much art as it is an automotive cockpit. The leather was selected for its open-pore breathability to provide comfort no matter what the temperature is outside. Quilted sitting areas and hand piping add to the luxurious feel of the interior, which is accented by custom floor mats, headliner and safety belts. Fine wood applications provide a nice contrast to all the sumptuous leather. Ambient lighting and a superior surround sound package all add to the desirability of this unique vehicle.

7-Series Delivers Both Sportiness and Comfort

Two-axle air suspension with self leveling and damper control provides a combination of ride and comfort unmatched in smaller sport sedans. Roll stabilization and predictive road view technology help the car adapt to quickly changing conditions and keep you going straight and in control. Choose from Comfort, Eco Pro, Sport or Adaptive mode to create the driving experience of a lifetime.

Can’t Afford a 7-Series? How About a Pen?

If the centennial BMW 7-Series is a bit out of your price range, you can still commemorate BMW’s 100th birthday with a special “Montblanc for BMW” centennial fountain pen. The pen includes hints of BMW design and is the perfect gift for the auto aficionado in your life. Check in with Chapman BMW for more information on the special edition 7-Series and the classic fountain pen.


4-Series Bringing Sexy Back

Although it shares a platform with BMW’s best selling 3-Series, the 4-Series offers more horsepower and better driving dynamics, or what some people would call love on four wheels. The BMW 4-Series is a luxurious driving machine that comes in three different body styles, the convertible, coupe and Gran Coupe hatchback. The M4 comes from the BMW Motorsports division and includes suspension and engine tuning derived from years on the racetrack. All models are outfitted with standard safety equipment including multiple airbags and driver assistance features that use sensors to help avoid collisions. See the entire 4-Series inventory with a trip to Chapman BMW.

Motor Trend Likes ‘Surefootedness’

Popular consumer publication “Motor Trend” loves the driving dynamics of the BMW 4-Series, pointing out that it is lower and wider than the 3-Series counterpart. The result is an agile, surefooted vehicle that delivers plenty of power, whether you’re trying to pass a truck on a mountain incline or just feeling your oats on a run through some tight turns. Motor Trend says that even when outfitted with the 240 four-cylinder turbo engine, the 4-Series has plenty of pop and loads of low and mid-range torque. Move up to the M4 and power is not a problem. This miniscule beast delivers 425 horses and a spine-snapping 406 pound feet of torque. There is also a turbocharged I-6 engine that produces 300 horsepower. Although the suspension is more tuned for the track, Motor Trend editors say that it also delivers a comfortable ride out on the highway.

Technology Improves 4-Series Efficiency

The engineers at BMW are never happy with good enough. They not only want to produce a high-performance luxury car, but they also want it to be efficient on fuel. Little touches like air breathers that rest behind the front wheels help lessen drag and improve mileage. The 428i model gets up to 35 mpg on the highway, while the 435i scores 32 mpg. High precision direct injection and valvetronic technology help contribute to the combination of power and great gas mileage.

Lower That Top in Just 20 Seconds

The BMW 4-Series Convertible takes just 20 seconds to raise or lower, even at speeds of up to 11 mph. It’s one fluid motion to let the sunshine in or keep the rain out, allowing you to make the most out of your driving experience. See the sexy convertible and other 4-Series choices with a trip to Chapman BMW.