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BMW X6 M a Rocket Ride to Fun Town


Removes the ‘Utility’ From SUV

With a bold look and outstanding performance that takes advantage of all the knowledge the M racing team can muster, the BMW X6 M has earned the title of Sport Activity Vehicle. The 567 horsepower V8 can get from a standing stop to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds; try that with your mom’s soccer chariot. The engine has the most power BMW has ever put into an all-wheel drive vehicle. With design features like air breathers to cut down turbulence and a rear diffuser to optimize airflow, it’s easy to see why some people are surprised the X6 M actually hugs the road and doesn’t take off into the great blue beyond. See just how much fun an SAV can be by taking a test drive at Chapman BMW.

The Neighbors Will Know You’re Coming

With a guttural roar usually associated with supercars, the neighbors will know when you’re coming home for dinner. Put the BMW X6 M through its paces and you’ll see just how nimble a large vehicle can be when going around sharp corners. BMW’s Active Roll Stabilization system prevents body roll and Dynamic Performance Control helps minimize understeer. The result is a driving experience that is nothing short of exhilarating.

Interior is All BMW Luxury

Multi-function seats with large bolsters hold you in place and let you enjoy the suppleness of the fine-grain Merino leather. A large touchscreen lets you control the audio, hands-free communication and view real-time traffic updates on your 3D navigation imagery. Move to the back seat and the luxury continues with double 9.2-inch color monitors built into the headrests of the front seats. Each can accommodate a separate MP3 player, game console or personal headphones. The Bang and Olufsen surround sound system delivers superior sound quality to make those long commutes more pleasurable. See all the upscale finishes and materials yourself by taking a trip to Chapman BMW.

Dial in Settings for Optimum Performance

The BMW X6 M allows the driver to choose a number of different settings to reach the premium driving experience, no matter the road conditions. Turn the driver mode selector to Sport Plus and unleash the beast. Feel the transmission power through the shifts a little more quickly while the suspension hugs the road and allows you to release your inner driver persona. With eyes on competition like the Porsche Carerra and Range Rover, BMW has created a sporty wagon that puts the “fun” in functional.

BMW Celebrating 30 Years of All-wheel Drive


A Third of All BMWs Now Have xDrive

BMW has made great strides in the all-wheel drive market since it first introduced the concept on its 325i race car some 30 years ago. Now, a third of all BMW vehicles sold around the world are equipped with xDrive, the company’s all-wheel drive system that intelligently distributes power to the wheel that needs it the most. All models, ranging from the 1 Series to the flagship luxury 7 Series have xDrive available. This includes the hybrids and vehicles with horizontally mounted engines. Experience the added control that xDrive provides with a visit to Chapman BMW, your Phoenix BMW dealer.

Sensors Monitor Performance and Make Adjustments

BMW’s integrated chassis management system utilizes sensors to monitor the vehicle’s performance and deliver power where needed. This can either be done by the chassis management system alone, or through integration with dynamic stability control or dynamic performance control, if those features are on the vehicle. The result is complete control of the vehicle during inclement weather or stressful driving conditions. BMW gears its xDrive system to be biased towards the rear wheels. This helps maintain BMW’s precise steering control to provide stability when powering through hairpin corners.

BMW’s xDrive Evolved Through the Years

When first introduced in 1985, BMW’s all wheel drive split the power by a ratio of 37 to 63 between the front and rear wheels. Proper gearing in the transfer case provided a virtual lock between both axles to improve traction. BMW introduced the all-wheel drive system to the 5 Series in 1991, tweaking the ratio of power and developing multi-plate clutches to help make the transfer of power more seamless. Electronic controls were introduced shortly thereafter, providing a more precise response when experiencing challenging driving situations. BMW introduced its first Sport Activity Vehicle, the X5, in 1999, creating further challenges for the engineering team. This all terrain vehicle required more control, so they developed the dynamic stability control system as well as hill descent control. The 2003 introduction of the X3 came in conjunction with the introduction of the xDrive system that not only determined which wheel needs power, but also took into account steering angle, lateral acceleration and understeer.

xDrive Advances to Fit Specific Vehicle Needs

As you might expect, the all-wheel drive needs of an X5 are very different from that of the 7 Series luxury sedan. No one expects a 7 Series driver to take the vehicle off-road, so the xDrive is more finely tuned to handling and performance. It is BMW’s attention to these kind of details that makes the xDrive system the leader in all-wheel performance today. Experience the xDrive yourself by taking a test drive with a visit to Chapman BMW.


People Love Controlling Their Tunes

Many automakers have introduced both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay into their 2016 model years, including BMW. The result is that drivers and passengers can now control a limited number of apps from their car’s touchscreen, including music, phone, messages and other apps appropriate for use behind the wheel. The use of voice controls helps cut down on texting and phone-related accidents, making highways safer and increasing the choices for entertainment. Apps like Pandora and Spotify offer a wide variety of genre-specific music not available on the radio. See the new apps in action by visiting your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW.

Bluetooth Popular for Streaming and Messaging

Bluetooth is available in most vehicles and is another technology that both enhances safety and functionality. By using Bluetooth’s streaming capability, you can play music loaded on your phone or MP3 player. You can also have hands free phone conversations so you can keep your focus solely on the road. Bluetooth also provides access to your phone’s text messages, allowing you to hear and use your voice to create responses or brand new messages. You can control Bluetooth through your steering wheel if your car is outfitted with that function, allowing you to keep your eyes on the highway.

USB Ports Provide Power for Portables

Most vehicles now offer multiple USB ports to make charging your phone, tablet and other mobile devices a snap. Connecting your music player to your audio system via USB also provides better quality audio than what’s available on Bluetooth streaming. Because Bluetooth is a wireless connection, there is some data loss that doesn’t happen with a USB connection. Additionally, most cars now have multiple 12V power ports in both the front and back allowing you to plug in aftermarket chargers for all your devices. Take a look at the BMW lineup at your Phoenix BMW dealer to see just how many charging options exist.

Remote Vehicle Management and Keyless Start Put You in Control

The ability to start your car and control the HVAC system from a remote location is quickly becoming a popular option. Remote Vehicle Management gives you the power to start, stop, unlock, lock and control the temperature of your car through your smartphone. The ability to start your car without leaving the keys inside is particularly popular in cold climates where its good to let the car run for a bit before taking off. Chapman BMW has a complete lineup of vehicles with remote management for your inspection.


World-class Designers Add Spin to Wheelchairs

BMW is the Official Mobility Partner for the U.S. Olympic Committee, which transcends providing vehicles to transport officials and team members around the 2016 summer games in Rio. The top designers from BMW are busy designing a wheelchair for the Paralympics Track and Field team that will provide athletes with the latest technology. The wheelchair is still in the design phase, but is going through complete changes in the chassis, aerodynamic styling, restraints for the athlete, braking and steering. The wheelchair should be ready for the athletes to train with in early 2016. By utilizing knowledge gained from the design of the vehicles you can see at Chapman BMW, the automakers hope to give the U.S. team a decided advantage in the games.

Bobsled Design Helped U.S. Gain a Medal

The wheelchair program follows on the heels of BMW’s creation of a two-man bobsled for the 2014 winter games, which helped the U.S. to earn a medal. It had been 62 years since the U.S. had won a medal in two-man bobsled. “Over the course of our partnership with Team USA, we have been committed to advancing athletic performance through technology transfer initiatives which help to address their training and equipment needs,” according to BMW VP of marketing, Trudy Hardy. “(The wheelchair) is special not only because it presents a unique design challenge, but it helps solve a bigger mobility problem for our Paralympic athletes.”

BMW in Final Year of Sponsorship Deal

There has been no word if BMW will re-sign a sponsorship deal with the U.S. Olympic Committee as the six-year deal it signed in 2010 will end with the Rio Summer Games. In that time BMW has contributed more than $24 million to help promote U.S. Olympic athletes, including supplying advanced technology in swimming, skating, bobsled and now, track and field. “Part of our company’s ethos is to really become part of the culture” of countries where it sells cars, according to BMW VP Jack Pitney. Along with supplying aerodynamic advice and design, BMW has helped the USOC with fundraising efforts so athletes can concentrate on training and not have to worry about getting a job.

BMW Committed to Performance Sports

As a fixture in the racing community for decades, BMW has shown a true commitment to sports where endurance and technology combine to crown a winner. By designing a new wheelchair for the Paralympic team, BMW is just taking on another challenge not that different from solving problems on the European rally circuit. See what decades of design evolution have brought to America’s roadways with a visit to Chapman BMW.

435i ZHP Coupe

You can feel the perfect marriage of power and drivability when taking a corner in the new special edition 2016 BMW 435i ZHP Coupe. As you slightly let off the throttle coming into the turn, the suspension takes over, allowing you to smoothly transition into the curve. Powerful and true, you add an exclamation point as the road straightens out and you punch it. What makes this experience even more exquisite is the knowledge only 100 of these vehicles are available, and Chapman BMW in Chandler has one of them.

435i ZHP Coupe interior

Enthusiasts have long waxed poetic about the predecessor of the 435i ZHP, the E46 3-Series with the ZHP Performance Package. What makes the 2016 iteration stand out is the combination of the best off-the-shelf BMW Performanc  e parts, 100 percent factory production, and a more aggressive throttle mapping. This car is pure from the factory, with no add-ons at the port or the dealership.

435i ZHP Coupe engine

“This vehicle is definitely one for the BMW Performance connoisseur, notes  Chapman BMW Chandler sales professional Michael Boehm. “And, it has an advantage over the original ZHP. It comes standard with the M Performance Limited Differential.”

The Chandler BMW dealership’s model is Alpine White, and features a 3.0L Turbo Inline 6 that makes 300 hp mated to an 8-speed Steptronic Automatic transmission.  This 435i ZHP also includes the Track Handling Package, M Sport Package, BMW M Performance Parts and the aforementioned BMW M Performance Limited Slip Differential.

To schedule a test drive of this exclusive vehicle, visit or call 1-800-721-1932.