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With more innovation than any other premium luxury sedan, the BMW 7-Series offers the ultimate in not only creature comforts, but performance and handling. Now with an “M” class version, the 7-Series delivers the pinnacle of elite travel without sacrificing the performance and driving dynamics people come to expect from an Ultimate Driving Machine. Indulge yourself today by visiting Chapman BMW in Chandler and taking a test drive in the new 7-Series.

Lighter Yet Stronger Means Faster

Now with 50 percent less weight from previous 7-Series models, the flagship of the BMW lineup uses a carbon core to provide a lower center of gravity. This not only improves handling, but delivers a class-leading time of just 3.6 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph. The M Performance twin turbo 12-cylinder gas engine delivers 600 horsepower and 590 pound feet of torque, giving you yet another reason to smile from behind the wheel. The BMW 7-Series offers other performance packages with a little less oomph, but no less fun, including the 740 e that combines a 4-cylinder inline gas engine with an electric motor that still generates 322 horsepower while earning an EPA fuel efficiency rating of 64 MPGe. The intelligent chassis underneath the 7-Series provides a new dimension in handling for luxury sedans. A camera is strategically placed in the front to survey the road conditions and the 7-Series then automatically adjusts the dampers to minimize shock and body roll providing a perfect blend of dynamics and comfort.

Welcome to the Rear Seat Lounge

If you’re looking for a man or woman cave in which to relax, you could do a lot worse than the rear executive lounge seating package that’s optional with the 7-Series. Reclining leather seats, rosewood trim and the use of supreme materials throughout turn the backseat experience into one you won’t want to leave. Sit back and enjoy the Bowers & Wilkin Diamond Surround System that utilizes 16 speakers to produce a symphonic sound never before heard in a vehicle. Command the stereo, navigation and climate functions from the innovative 7-inch command tablet resting in the center console, just a finger’s reach away for the driver or front passenger.

You Become Your Own Valet

If you want to see a few heads turn, use the remote-control parking features of the BMW 7-Series key fob to effortlessly pull your new luxury sedan in and out of tight parking spots while you stand a few feet away. It automatically will brake for other vehicles, pedestrians and objects, eliminating the annoying little bumps and dings that come with urban driving. The fob also lets you know your fuel level, how far you can drive and if it’s time to bring the vehicle into Chapman BMW for service. It’s all part of the innovation that makes the BMW 7-Series truly an Ultimate Driving Machine.

With a lustrous Alpine Blue Metallic paint job on the exterior and full Merino Opal White leather on the interior, the new BMW Alpina B6 Car Club of America (CCA) edition is truly one of a kind. Hand finished by master crafts people at the Alpina factory, the one of a kind edition features headrests embossed with Alpina logos and a production plaque in the cockpit and under the hood designating this vehicle as one of a kind. To get this vehicle, you’ll have to take part in the CCA raffle by going to the club’s website, but you have to do it by September 29. The Alpina B6 Gran Coupe is a rare enough breed that you can arrange to drive and buy at Chapman BMW in Chandler.

Alpina B6 Offers High-performance Luxury

The Alpina B6 is an exclusive member of the BMW 6-Series lineup that offers high performance and the ultimate in luxury. With a 600-horsepower engine that powers the B6 from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, you’ll forget for a moment just how beautiful this vehicle is both inside and out. It’s sculpted for excellence in aerodynamics, offering an elegance that belies its muscular appearance and nimble handling. Step on the accelerator and you’ll unleash a spine-shaking 590 pound-feet of torque that will pin you back in your seat as you race to a top track speed of 199 mph. As you might expect, BMW just doesn’t deal in power, it also provides the ability to control that power. A neatly designed front apron and splitter helps ensure you can keep the vehicle on the road with supreme stability and precise handling.

Craftsmanship Key in All Areas

When you go to Chapman BMW to inspect the Alpina B6, take your time to notice the little things. Inspect the hand-stitched Lavalina steering wheel and notice the precision and meticulous detail that went into forming that integral part of the vehicle. Pay particular attention to the little treads on the door handles to improve grip, the rich wood trim accents in the interior and the soft blue illumination of the gauges on the dash. Slide into the rich leather seat and notice the feeling of comfort and sophistication as you glance around the dash, where all controls are expertly located within an easy reach. The Alpina B6 is the pinnacle of the BMW 6-Series, created for people who both enjoy driving thrills and the ability to enjoy the finer things in life.

Personalize Your Alpina With Package Options

BMW offers several package options to take your Alpina B6 to the next level. There are eight elegant trim choices, ranging from Myrtle Wood to Piano Black. Choose the special multi-countour seats and you’ll sink into the literal lap of luxury with the ability to adjust the position perfectly, including four-way lumbar support. Opt for the premium Bang and Olufsen sound system and you’ll enjoy 1200 watts of concert-quality sound delivered through 16 premium speakers, creating a mobile listening room that washes over you in a full range of frequencies. The Alpina B6, quite simply, is the height of both luxury and performance.


M5 the Quintessential Sports Sedan

The “M” in the BMW auto lineup stands for Motorsports, but it could just as easily stand for “Mean,” “Magnificent,” “Masterful” or “Mind-blowing.” All the lessons learned over decades on the European race circuit go into the M-Class lineup and the new BMW M5 is a perfect example of bring a racing legacy to a street machine. As the quintessential sports sedan since 1984, the M5 continues to break the mold on performance and handling. New for this year is the M xDrive all-wheel drive system that allows the car to reach even higher than before when delivering a dynamic driving experience. “Thanks to M xDrive, the all-new BMW M5 can be piloted with the familiar blend of sportiness and unerring accuracy both on the racetrack and out on the open road, while also delighting drivers with its significantly enhanced directional stability and controllability right up to the limits of performance when driving in adverse conditions such as on wet roads or snow,” said Frank van Meel, Chairman of the M division of BMW. BMW is planning a special First Edition of the new M5 in a very limited production run of just 50 units for the U.S. Check in now with Chapman BMW to have a chance for one of those sure collector automobiles. Both the First Edition and normal production run will be available starting in the spring of 2018.

Powerful Twin Turbo Gets Overhaul

The already powerful 4.4L V8 Twin Turbo engine powering the BMW M5 got an overhaul in the off-season, upping its output to a peak 600 horsepower. As impressive as that number is, it pales in comparison to the 553 pound-feet of torque just a foot stomp away. Step on the accelerator and prepare to be pinned back in your seat as the M5 rockets off the line. You can also change the engine settings depending on your needs or road conditions with the touch of a button, going from basic to Sport or Sport plus for an even more punctual response to the gas pedal. New twin-scroll turbochargers now produce more injection pressure for more efficiency and bigger explosions in the internal combustion engine. More effective cooling units keep the engine operating under optimal temperatures, even in the extreme heat of the desert.

New Chassis a Benchmark for Driving Dynamics

A team of engineers undertook a challenge to deliver even more driving dynamics with increased stability, and boy did they deliver. The new BMW M5 has the precise, agile handling that drivers have come to expect from the automaker, but now drivers have more options than ever for fine-tuning the suspension and handling. Along with the M xDrive and 8-speed Steptronic transmission, BMW offers variable damper control, electronically adjustable shock absorbers and an adjustable steering setup. The end result is a phenomenally handling vehicle that is as much fun to look at as it is to drive. For a chance at the BMW M5 First Edition, head over to Chapman BMW today for more information.

8-Series Reappears in Concept Form

When the new BMW 8-Series makes a reappearance in the automaker’s lineup for the 2018 model year, you can expect the ultimate in luxury and performance. A concept version of the upcoming 8-Series recently made an appearance at the Concours d’Elegance. As you might expect, it displays fresh new ideas while remaining true to the principles that makes BMW great. “The number 8 and cars like the Z8 Roadster and i8 have represented he pinnacle of sports performance and exclusivity at BMW,” according to BMW chairman Harald Kruger. “The forthcoming BMW 8-Series Coupe will demonstrate that razor-sharp dynamics and modern luxury can go hand-in-hand. This will be the next model in the expansion of our luxury car offering and will raise the benchmark for coupes in the segment.” Kruger went on to say that the new 8-Series will strengthen the automaker’s claim as the premier manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Stay in touch with Chapman BMW to see when you can get your first look at the new 8-Series.

Provides ‘Fresh Interpretation’ of BMW Classic Look

Although the new 8-Series is definitely a modern look on an old classic, it pays homage to all the luxury cars BMW has produced for the last century. “The design of the BMW Concept 8-Series provides a fresh interpretation of iconic BMW styling cues,” said Adrian Van Hooydonk, senior VP in charge of design. “And it also showcases a new approach to the use of forms which is reflected particularly prominently in the car’s surfacing. A handful of crisp lines mark out clear surfaces and the car’s volumes are powerfully sculpted. Together, these elements make a forceful statement and create a model brimming with character. In short, this is a driver’s car.”

Supreme Performance in Next Generation

With a long-hood that slopes down sharply leading its way into a squat, silhouetted body, the BMW Concept 8-Series promises to deliver the dynamic driving thrills of a sports car in a sophisticated manner that shouts “class.” Although no figures have been released on what’s going on under the hood, you can expect from the shape of the body that the engine will deliver an unparalleled driving experience. Inside the cockpit, use of premium materials mesh thoughtfully with modern innovations that make driving both phenomenal and ground-breaking. You don’t as much sit in the new 8-Series as it wraps around you, swaddling you comfortably in a blanket of luxury and technology. Controls are logically placed and user-friendly so you can enjoy your new 8-Series from the moment you drive off the lot at Chapman BMW. Ready or not, the new BMW 8-Series is coming next fall.

More than 40 years since it was first launched, the BMW 3-Series remains the standard for affordable luxury. It remains the most popular series in the BMW lineup due in large part to its phenomenal styling and handling ability. Whether you choose the Sedan, Sports Wagon or Gran Turismo, the BMW 3-Series is guaranteed to provide a thrilling, yet sophisticated driving experience. Test drive the new 3-Series today at Chapman BMW.

Sedan Popularity Lies in the Details

Just slam the door on the 3-Series Sedan and the resounding thud is the sound of paying attention to the details. From the finely crafted interior to the fine lines of the exterior, the BMW 3-Series Sedan is the result of craftspeople taking pride in their work. The near perfect 50/50 weight distribution means this sedan gives a tighter grip on every turn than its competitors. With a finely tuned suspension system reducing body roll while letting you feel the road, the 3-Series will make you believe in the perfect driving experience. For the ultimate in fuel efficiency, choose the 330e iPerformance model which combines a powerful electric motor with a gas engine. You’ll still get an ultimate driving experience while earning 71 MPGe on the road.

Sports Wagon Offers Comfort and Utility

If you find yourself in need of more space to ferry people and cargo around, consider the BMW 3-Series Sports Wagon. With 248 horsepower and an impressive 280 pound-feet of torque, you still receive a thrilling driving experience that delivers hair-raising thrills around every corner. Choose the optional Dakota leather and panoramic moonroof to add a little more luxury to your daily drive. When it comes time to haul the soccer equipment to the weekly game, you’ll appreciate the 53 cubic feet of storage space. BMW pulled out all the stops to solve your hauling needs, including lashing eyes, mesh pouches and a divided trunk compartment to keep everything in its place.

Gran Turismo Delivers Power and Handling

The BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo is the ultimate in style and handling, with a spacious interior that will make you the hit of the office carpool. With standard features like the all-wheel xDrive and a panoramic moonroof, the Gran Turismo is exactly what you’d expect from BMW. A number of available driver assistance features keep you safe on the road, utilizing a combination of sensor and camera-driven systems to alert you to possible collisions. Check out the entire 3-Series inventory and take a test drive today at Chapman BMW.