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Fall is Savings Season at BMW

Just because you like to drive a nice car doesn’t mean you have to spend more than necessary. Head over to Chapman BMW today to get the pick of the remaining 2016 BMW inventory as the dealership makes room for the 2017 crop. Whether you want a sporty 320i sedan, 228i coupe or a versatile X model SUV, there are great offers going on for traditional finance, lease and even cash back. You can get payments as low as $249 a month on select models. It may not be night time, but it’s certainly the right time to get your hands on an Ultimate Driving Machine.

Americans Love Their SUVs

With gas prices remaining at record lows for going on a third straight year, sales for SUVs from all manufacturers remain at the highest levels ever. BMW’s X lineup includes everything from the compact X1 to the spacious X5, with your choice of two wheel drive or BMW’s patented X Drive, which automatically provides power to any of the four wheels that need it the most.  Right now you can lease an X1 xDrive 28i for just $269 a month, including a $2,000 BMW credit. You can get the same credit on a traditional purchase with financing at just 0.9 percent APR. All offers are for buyers with approved credit. If you need something a little larger, the midsize X3 has an offer for just $379 a month on a lease or 0.9 percent APR for a purchase. The big dog is the X5, with a number of finance options as low as $539 a month on a lease.

‘M’ Means Business

If you’re at all familiar with BMW, you know that any vehicle with the “M” designation means that car or SUV incorporates much of the technology learned from BMW’s racing team. “M” stands for “Motorsports,” and you can bet that any M class car you choose will provide an exhilarating driving experience. Right now qualified buyers can drive a 2016 M235i xDrive Coupe off the lot for a lease payment of just $459 a month. Choose the convertible version of that car and your hair will be blowing in the wind for just 30 bucks more a month. Both cars also have a 0.9 percent traditional finance offer for qualified buyers.

There is an “i” in “i”

If you’ve been saying to yourself, “I really want something fun to drive that’s great on gas and good for the environment,” look no further than the BMW i series. You can lease an i3 for just $269 a month, taking advantage of the latest in hybrid technology. While the i3 is praised for its sporty handling, if you really want a thrill you need to think about taking the i8 home. This technological marvel is more fun than a roller coaster and right now qualified buyers can get 0.9 percent financing on a traditional purchase. It doesn’t matter if you want a versatile X machine or something a little sportier, you know you want a BMW and now is the time to get one at Chapman BMW.


BMW Genius is Everywhere

As technology advances, BMW recognizes that it’s difficult for consumers to keep up with the curve, much less stay ahead of it. With sensor-driven driver assistance features, touchscreen infotainment systems, heads-up displays and a wealth of other technology, customers could be forgiven if they think they need an advanced degree just to drive a modern automobile. BMW doesn’t make automobiles, they make Ultimate Driving Machines. Part of the ultimate driving experience is surrounding customers with a wealth of knowledge whether they are at the dealership, using a mobile device or simply asking a question on the phone. Head over to Chapman BMW today to meet a BMW Genius who will take the time to answer any and all of your questions on these miracles of modern driving.

Genius App Has Answers

Download the BMW app on your tablet or smartphone to gain access to videos and product information that will answer all your questions about your new BMW. Someone mess with your radio and now all the presets are on foreign language radio? The BMW app is easily searchable to tell you how to quickly get back to your mix of favorite tunes. The app also has all the information on maintenance, performance, what those little dash lights mean and any other question that could possibly come to mind.

Call the Hotline When All Else Fails

The BMW Genius Hotline is staffed with some really smart people who will patiently take the time to walk you through any problem or question that might arise. The hotline is available Monday through Saturday at 1-844-4GENIUS. You can also program this number into your vehicle’s communication system. Don’t know how? Call the hotline and they’ll be happy to assist. If personal interaction is not your favorite means of communicating, just send off an email to

Set Up an Encore Appointment

We know the pros at Chapman BMW take great pride in explaining all the details of your new BMW, but that’s a lot of information to absorb in one sitting. Just call the dealership and set up an Encore appointment a couple of weeks after you take delivery to get a refresher course and answer all the questions that have popped up in after you drove off the lot. Leave yourself enough time to go through a thorough explanation of all the systems. You might want to write down a list of questions to make sure you don’t forget anything. If you do, no problem, just hit up the app, call the hotline or come back to the dealership and a Genius will take care of your needs.

BMW Family of Cards Offers Huge Discounts


Earn Points When You Service Your Vehicle

When people buy a BMW, they know they are buying the very best vehicle money can buy. The rich history of BMW in providing the Ultimate Driving Machine for millions of Americans has set a standard for everything the company touches, from the dealerships to the cards you can use to pay for service and accessories. Both the BMW Card and the BMW Signature Card let you accumulate points to help you save money on everything from oil changes to new vehicle purchases. Earn points when you buy accessories or pay for services at Chapman BMW, or you can earn points every day when you make purchases at retail stores or buy gas.

BMW Card Has No Annual Fee

Apply at the Chapman BMW service center for your BMW card, with gives you three points for every dollar spent on maintenance and accessories. You get all the benefits that other Visa cards offer, along with with a 20 percent discount on lessons at the BMW Performance Driving School. You’ll also get one point for every dollar you spend on gas and retail purchases, convincing you that this is the only card you’ll likely ever need. Apply by September 30 and, upon approval, you’ll receive 15 months of zero percent interest on all your balance transfers and future purchases. If you’re an existing BMW Card holder, you’ll get 6 months of no interest on all purchases through September 30.

Signature Card Adds Up Points Faster

Sign up for the BMW Signature Card and you earn points at a faster rate. Get four points when you buy anything at Chapman BMW and two points for every dollar you spend on gas. The points are then redeemable for a number of different rewards from BMW, as well as Visa Signature Concierge services. Use the points for plane tickets, luxury spa days and hotel stays, all for buying the things you’d normally buy anyway.

Give Your Car a Spa Treatment

There’s no reason to take your BMW to the $3 car wash when you’re earning all those points on BMW services. Schedule an express wash at Chapman BMW and attendants will soap your car up by hand, give it a gentle rinse and then chamois dry. The dash, vents and trim will all be cleaned and dressed. They won’t forget about the door jambs either.  Get the premium wash and you’ll get a hand wax, which is vital for protecting your car against the Arizona sun. Spring for the Ultimate Wash to bring your Beemer back to showroom condition, then use the points for a quick getaway for a personal spa day.

eDrive Available in Flagship 740e xDrive

10 Chapman BMW

Plug-in Hybrid Top of BMW Lineup

Using technology pioneered in the i3 and i8, BMW has added a top-of-the-line luxury plug-in hybrid to its fleet of superior driving machines. The 2017 BMW 740e xDrive iPerformance executive sedan is on its way to Chapman BMW, offering a high-performance solution for people who demand the best. The integration of a TwinTurbo gasoline engine, electric motor and 8-speed transmission deliver a very healthy 322 horsepower. Combined with BMW’s intelligent all-wheel xDrive system, the result is an efficient and powerful sophisticated sedan. The addition to the BMW 7-Series lineup can go as fast as 75 mph using just the electric motor. It is rated to get the equivalent of 64 mpg in combined city and highway driving by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Choose Best Driving Mode for Efficiency

Get behind the wheel of the 740e xDrive and you’ll find a selection of driving modes geared to produce the highest efficiency from your new 740e xDrive. The car starts out in AUTO eDRIVE, which is the default setting to conserve the most energy while still providing a dynamic driving experience. If you want to solely rely on the electrical motor, just switch to MAX eDRIVE. In this mode, you can still activate the gas engine if you push firmly down on the accelerator pedal. The last setting is BATTERY CONTROL, which allows the driver to input a charge range that can be used later on.

Driving Dynamics Range From Comfort to Sport

Another switch on the console adjusts the driving dynamics of the 740e xDrive, letting the operator choose from COMFORT, SPORT or ECO PRO. This puts you in control of the accelerator response, suspension control, steering and transmission. For a luxurious ride that smooths out all of the highway bumps, select the COMFORT mode. Increase the damper and accelerator response with the SPORT mode, which turns those Sunday country road drives into lasting memories. The ECO PRO mode gives you the most range for using the all-electric function of your new BMW. Along with other energy saving features, this mode activates a coasting function that saves power.

Charging Your EV has Never Been Easier

Bringing the 740e xDrive iPerformance sedan back up to full battery power is as simple as plugging in a wall lamp. You can choose between a standard 120V home power station, or opt for the more powerful BMW Charging Station. A ChargeNow access card comes with every vehicle and gives you access to public charging stations all across the country. The new BMW 7-Series xDrive plug-in hybrid also includes the luxurious interior and technology you come to expect from the automaker. See it soon and take a test drive at Chapman BMW.

10 Chapman BMW

Emission Free With Plenty of Power

Choose one of the electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid BMW models from Chapman BMW and you’ll receive the most advanced electric propulsion system available. Known simply as eDrive, the modern power system delivers both impressive performance and fuel savings, but also has zero emissions when driven in the pure electrical state. By developing a totally new motor and transmission system, the engineers at BMW have created an engine with a lot of torque that remains the same whether you are just leaving your garage or have reached highway speeds. This provides surprising agility and a pleasant driving experience when maneuvering through a crowded city or taking your BMW out on the open highway. Inspect the new BMW inventory of electric vehicle options at Chapman BMW.

Powerful Batteries Benefit From Cooling

The lithium-ion high performance battery that comes in all BMWs equipped with eDrive benefits from a high-tech cooling system that lets the battery remain at a prime temperature to both receive and hold a charge. This not only increases the performance of the battery, but also increases its life expectancy. Because the BMW eDrive uses both intelligent energy management and brake regeneration to produce an electrical charge, the range of electric and hybrid BMWs has increased significantly. Utilize one of more than 28,000 charging stations in the U.S., or just plug your vehicle into a 220V socket at home to bring the charge back to the top.

There is an “I” in BMW

Although there may be no “I” in team, there definitely is one in BMW, and that “I” is paving the way for future electric technology. Both the i3 and i8 have not only exceeded expectations in sales, but are also providing a testing ground for the company to increase both range and power. BMW i is the brainchild of the BMW EfficientDynamics group. First released in 2013, the i3 and i8 are built for a changing world where traffic congestion is a normal part of life. The day where these cars not only provide an emission-free travel experience, but also communicate with each other is not far away. You can get onboard the “I” train now by taking a trip to Chapman BMW.

iPerformance Leading the Parade to Lower Emissions

Whether you choose the 330e, 740e or X5 xDrive40e, the new electric and hybrid models from BMW are helping to clean the air and save the planet. For the hybrid and plug-in hybrid models, a small gas engine works in concert with the electric eDrive motor to provide instant acceleration, ensuring you get the same pleasure driving these vehicles as you would any other BMW.