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The BMW i8


Sleek and classy, the BMW i8 brings it all as the second in BMW’s “i” series of alternative-power and electrified vehicles. With the breathtaking appeal of a “what-if” concept car, the BMW i8 stands out with it’s stunning appearance and thrilling acceleration with minimal fuel usage. The i8 is a high-performance machine with better fuel efficiency than a family sedan. At Chapman BMW, the i8 is ready to revolutionize its class with innovative architecture and an efficient design that ceases to disappoint its drivers.

So how does this gorgeous vehicle work? Quite impressive for a sports car, electricity drives the front wheels while gasoline runs the rear wheels. The i8’s premier computer system tells the two when to work together and when to run alone. The result: impressive acceleration with an economy class mpg. With a 1.5 liter three-cylinder based engine, the BMW i8 offers 228 HP with nearly 236 lbs.-ft of torque providing its driver with an exciting driving experience. The only thing slowing this head-turning i8 down will be the many onlookers wanting to get a closer look!

BMW i8 Charging

Prepared to be impressed further? The BMW i8 includes a plug-in aspect that allows you to charge the lithium-ion battery providing it’s driver with an electric-only range of 14 miles. When running in electric-only mode, the i8 has a top speed of 75 mph. It’s full recharge time takes a mere 1.5 hours. The i8’s electric and gas combination offers an astonishing 76 mpg-equivalent in combined city/highway use.

As if the functionality wasn’t impressive enough, the i8’s appearance captures its own share of attention. The hybrid coupe hosts gull-wing doors on a lightweight carbon-fiber body. It’s sleek and attractive style can be upgraded by a collection of cosmetic and trim options, furthering the i8’s capability of perfectly fitting your preferences. The i8 weighs a solid 3,455 lbs and is capable of transporting 620 lbs of people, accessories or cargo. With 4.7 cubic feet of cargo space, the BMW i8 offers logical spacing for a vehicle of this caliber.

bmw 18 Trim

If you are craving sleek gorgeousness with a sensational driving experience, the BMW i8 in Phoenix  is right up your alley. It’s concept car appeal and impressive functionality are the perfect combination for a high-performance vehicle. Want to make your dream car a reality? Ready to turn heads everywhere you go? Contact our team at Chapman BMW to inquire about the new BMW i8 today!

i8 pix

When the BMW i8 debuted in August, it heralded the arrival of a technological supercar. From the shark-nose front end to the swanky interior to the combination of energy-efficient engines that create Zero to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds excitement, the BMW i8 is as powerful as it is fascinating to look at. It’s loaded with high tech to match, but at Chapman BMW, that high tech also is available across the BMW model line as well.


Head Up Display

Take the i8’s full-color Head Up Display (HUD). This nifty feature includes essential driving information such as current speed, navigation and collision warnings projected on to the windshield within the direct line of sight. This impressive feature allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road while monitoring important vehicle information. Want this cool tech feature? You’ll find it as part of the Technology Package, available on all BMW vehicles. The Driver Assistance and Driver Assistance Plus packages add more available information to the HUD system.

BMW cameras

Surround View Camera System

BMW vehicles have long-used cameras to help drivers safely back up. The i8 uses the innovative Surround View Camera System, which allows the driver to have a 360-degree view of their surroundings and video images of approaching traffic. This system uses cameras built in to the front, rear and sides of the i8 and streams the video and images on to the infotainment display. While standard on the i8, the Surround View Camera System is available as part of the Driver Assistance Plus Package.

BMW Infrared tech

BMW Night Vision

One of the most impressive tech standards on the i8 is Night Vision. While you probably won’t see a deer crossing the road in your BMW i8 in Phoenix, this system uses state-of-the-art infrared technology combined with black and white imaging to see things before they are visible to the naked eye. Using a thermal imaging camera mounted in the lower air dam, Night Vision recognizes people, animals and objects based upon the heat they emit. The warmer the object, the brighter it illuminates on the iDrive display monitor. The Pedestrian Detection feature recognizes and indicates individual pedestrians on or near the roadway at a range of up to 330 feet. The system only works during night hours, and the temperatures must be cooler than 95-degrees Fahrenheit. BMW Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection is available as a stand-alone option on the 5-Series, 6-Series, X5 and X6 models, as well as the M5 and M6 models.

BMW LED lights

Adaptive LED Headlights

In addition to being extremely energy-efficient, the BMW i8’s Adaptive LED Headlights turn as the steering wheel is turned, providing optimal road illumination in every condition. The technology also makes traffic signs and other objects on the road easier to see, as well as reduces eye strain while driving at night. The Selective Beam feature automatically controls the high beams to avoid blinding other drivers. This technology is a featured option in the Lighting Package, available on the 5- and 6-Series vehicles, as well as part of the Executive Package on the M5 and M6 vehicles.

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2015 BMW 328i

Luxury, power and superior craftsmanship. The 2015 BMW 328i at Chapman BMW is a standout in the luxury sedan market, deftly beating the Lexus IS 250, Audi A4 and Mercedes C-300 across the board.

The 2015 BMW 328i, powered by a TwinTurbo engine that makes 255 lb-ft of torque at just 1250 rpm is also fuel efficient: It makes an estimated 35mpg on the highway, compared to the less-than-robust 27mpg the Mercedes achieves, or the 32-mpg of the Audi A4. And the Lexus IS 250? Its puny 185hp is no match for the BMW.


Standard safety features on the BMW 328i include Xenon Adaptive Headlights, Active Blind Spot Detection and a rear-wheel drive system that grips the road when you need it most. The heads-up display is standard, as is Automatic Climate Control and Full Speech Recognition. What’s that, C300? You don’t understand? Oh. You don’t have full speech recognition. That’s an “available upgrade.” And not even available on the Audi A4 or the Lexus IS 250.

BMW Hands free trunk 328i 2015

The 2015 BMW 328i has all the refinements you would expect of a precision German automobile. Comfort Access, the standard keyless entry system, allows key fob holders to open the trunk when in proximity to it. And the BMW 328i includes as standard real leather seats, instead of those pretend, faux “NuLuxe” seating surfaces of the 2015 Lexus IS 250. Because luxury is standard on the BMW, but only an upgrade on the Lexus IS 250, Audi A4 and Mercedes-Benz C-300. So choose the Luxury Standard. Choose the 2015 BMW 328i.

Summer Performance Tires Available at Chapman


Summer is here. That means its time to head to your local Chapman BMW dealer to ask about adding summer performance tires to your vehicle.

What are summer performance tires? Why would you need them? Well let’s tackle this one question at a time.

First, what are summer performance tires?

Summer tires, also known as performance tires, are made from a softer kind of “sticky” rubber that does a better job of gripping the road, which improves the performance of the vehicle such as handling, braking and acceleration. The tread of these tires is compiled of large tread blocks with high lateral stiffness. They also expel water from wide circumferential grooves. The rubber is made and calibrated to handle warmer weather but is not effective in conditions like snow and ice.

Next, why would you need them?

With summer officially underway and extreme heat upon us, asphalt becomes slicker. Having summer performance tires will help provide proper traction and grip for your vehicle, whether the temperature is extremely hot or the roads are wet from the latest monsoon storm.

“Summer tires offer better dry and wet grip than all-season tires,” said Mike Markoff, from Goodyear’s high performance tires division, according to “They are designed to maximize grip [in warm temperatures], thus trading off cold weather performance.”

Your Chapman Phoenix BMW dealer service advisors can help you select the proper performance tire for your vehicle, taking the hassle and guesswork out of choosing the right kind. They also can help you find BMW parts and accessories to match your lifestyle needs as well. Stop by today or visit for more information.

Introducing BMW Genuises

BMW Genius

If you are in the market for a new BMW, and technology excites you, you’ll be pleased to learn that Phoenix BMW dealers now have specific employees to help you with your technology needs. The so-called BMW Geniuses are part of BMW’s ‘Modern Retailing’ initiative and will play a similar role to tech-savvy geniuses in Apple stores who answer questions about Apple’s complex products. BMW says Geniuses found in U.S. dealers are equipped with an iPad to help explain features.

The official job description for the role of BMW Genius, according to BMW, is that the main responsibility will be to use an engaging personality to inspire and excite customers in the dealership about the features and benefits of the latest BMW products and technologies. It is also expected to provide insightful information during test drives as well as support Sales Executives by demonstrating product options to customers when required. . Geniuses will be expected to know how each feature works. They’ll also have to explain them to buyers who may not be used to a car that can stop itself or connect to a cell phone. To most shoppers, Geniuses will be helpful as modern cars become more complicated and feature new technology. That’s especially true for high-end brands like BMW, which are constantly adding features to keep up with new trends.

Some examples of BMW’s newest technology include active cruise control, adaptive headlights and the brand’s BMW ConnectedDrive infotainment system In addition, BMW is planning features like the advanced iDrive information and entertainment system, voice control for in-car functions and a full-color head-up display projected on the windshield. Other planned advancements include car-to-car communication and an increasingly autonomous driving experience.

For more information on BMW technology, or to connect with a BMW Genius, visit Chapman BMW.