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Competition Package Ups Ante for M3 and M4


Perfect Driving Machines Just Got Better

Starting this spring, the M3 Sedan, M4 Coupe and M4 Convertible are being offered with an optional competition package that not only provides a sportier look, but also improves power and handling. The result is overall improved performance in these dynamic sports cars, cutting tenths of a second off the time from 0 to 60 miles per hour. The package includes features like Active M suspension, which is tuned for the ultimate in handling and performance. New dampers, anti-roll bars and springs add to the configuration. The Comfort, Sport and Sport+ driving modes have also been reconfigured to be a little more aggressive. Stay in touch with Chapman BMW to see when the new BMW M-Series will be arriving in the showroom.

Interior, Exterior Dressed for Function and Beauty

The new lightweight seats that come with the competition package are not only beautiful with a woven-in BMW M stripe, but the lack of bulk also helps improve the vehicle’s performance. Molded bolsters provide additional support for runs on the track or when you put the vehicle through a twisting road run. A new dual exhaust system with chrome tips not only looks great, but provides a guttural roar that announces your arrival or departure with enthusiasm. A high gloss black finish on the exterior trim and iconic BMW kidney grille, side gills and badging complete the additional touches on the exterior.

BMW M Class Built for White Knuckle Thrills

By utilizing knowledge gained from decades on the European racing circuit, engineers created the BMW M-Series to inspire both thrills and a touch of fear into the heart of drivers and passengers alike. By using lightweight materials like carbon fiber throughout, BMW makes M-Series vehicles both light and tough to get the best performance without threatening the safety of the occupants. With a lightweight twin turbo engine delivering anywhere from 425 to 600 horsepower, taking a ride in an M Class ensures you’ll push the boundaries of good sense from time to time.

Are These Things Street Legal?

The short answer is yes, they are both legal and a heck of a lot of fun to drive. Unique innovations like a built-in lap timing app help you improve your ability on closed tracks. GoPro cameras let you film those laps and then play them back on your iDrive. If you like, BMW even offers a performance driving school where you’ll learn how to properly corner, drift, and a slew of other handy tips known only to professional race drivers. The first step is to test drive an M Series, which you can do at Chapman BMW.


Built on Experience From Race Track

When any BMW model comes with an “M” following the series name, you know it’s a vehicle built for excitement and performance. Advanced racing engineering is the heart and soul of every M model, whether it’s a sedan, coupe or sport utility vehicle. BMW M-Series models are built with an eye toward racing, from the use of strong, lightweight carbon fiber to the finely-tuned twin turbo engines that deliver anywhere from 425 to 600 horsepower. Swing by Chapman BMW  to experience the excitement of M engineering for yourself.

Performance Driving School Delivers Thrills

To learn how to safely get the most out of your new BMW M-Series model, consider attending one of BMW’s performance driving school sessions. You have your choice of a one or two day school that helps hone your reaction times, learn how and when to apply power and get schooled on advanced driving techniques. Master one of the M School classes and you can move up to Advanced M School, where you’ll learn how to harness 560 horses at one of the country’s most famous race tracks. This school covers cornering, downshifting, drifting and concludes with a track race where you can put your schooling to the test. If you’d like a more leisurely learning experience, consider BMW’s Golf and Driving Program. First you’ll take to the track to hone your racing skills, then you go and tee it up at a popular country club like the Cliffs at Keowee Springs. For more information on the BMW Performance School, click here.

New M3 Continues the Legend of Performance

The latest M3 sedan continues the iconic tradition started with the E30 M3, but this isn’t your grandfather’s racing sedan. There’s a noticeable weight loss from the last version of this popular four-door sports car due to the use of carbon fiber. Balance in all things is a key to a well-handling race car, and the return to an inline 6-cylinder engine helps provide even weight distribution. The twin turbochargers provided more than 100 more foot pounds of torque than last year’s M3, or enough to meld your spine with the luxurious interior. Choose the M carbon ceramic brakes and you’ll have six pistons of stopping power instead of the usual four. From the sensuous lines of the body to the high class materials of the interior, this is a car built for racing and comfort.

Step Up to the M6 for Sporty Sophistication

If you’re looking for a sedan that combines roominess, handling, power and sophistication, you need look no farther than BMW’s M6. With 560 horses bridled under the hood, all it takes is a tweak of the accelerator to come up to highway speed. The aerodynamic styling provides a stunning visual whether the car is sitting still or flying through a mountain pass. A rigid rear axle is bolted to the body to provide ultimate control and eliminate fish tailing. Experience the roar of the quad bank exhaust system by taking a test drive at Chapman BMW.

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Cloud Not Just a Place to Store Your Pictures and Music

The automotive industry is not only on Cloud 9 after experiencing a year with record sales, but they’ve begun to use the Cloud to share innovative automotive ideas around the globe. By storing their work in a Cloud-based platform, time zones are no longer the hindrance to productivity that they were in years past. An engineer in Tokyo can post his work to the cloud so a designer in Detroit can immediately reap the benefits of the labor at the start of the workday. The ability to share efforts in real time is being pioneered by BMW. You can see the results of their efforts in all the technological innovation of the cars at your Phoenix BMW dealer, Chapman BMW.

Information Silos Quickly Becoming a Thing of the Past

Imagine the car design process as a series of silos on a Midwestern farm. Instead of corn, grain and oats, the silos each store a different part of the auto manufacturing process. In one silo are the mechanics of the engine, in another the transmission design and in yet another a radical new idea for more comfortable seats. Because they are each in their own “information silo,” the data takes a long time to filter from one group to another. Using the instant access of the Cloud allows everyone to share data immediately and work through issues as they finalize the design of a new or improved vehicle.

Cloud Data Also Used on Manufacturing Floor

The old days of having to run an engineering drawing around for approval when a change is made on the production floor are quickly becoming a thing of the past. By having all drawings accessible in the Cloud, file sharing becomes almost instantaneous, reducing manufacturing downtime and increasing productivity. Less downtime means less wasted dollars, which results in savings passed on to the consumer. Quality assurance engineers can access the data via a tablet or mobile device, making it easier to resolve problems quickly.

BMW on Cutting Edge of Technology Revolution

With its headquarters in Germany but a major part of its business happening in the United States, BMW is using the Cloud to not only share manufacturing and engineering data, but also marketing, sales and other important corporate information. BMW is also in the forefont of the push toward autonomous vehicles that will use the Cloud to share data and reduce traffic congestion. Visit Chapman BMW to see just how far that technology has come and take a test drive in one of these technological marvels.

BMW X6 M a Rocket Ride to Fun Town


Removes the ‘Utility’ From SUV

With a bold look and outstanding performance that takes advantage of all the knowledge the M racing team can muster, the BMW X6 M has earned the title of Sport Activity Vehicle. The 567 horsepower V8 can get from a standing stop to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds; try that with your mom’s soccer chariot. The engine has the most power BMW has ever put into an all-wheel drive vehicle. With design features like air breathers to cut down turbulence and a rear diffuser to optimize airflow, it’s easy to see why some people are surprised the X6 M actually hugs the road and doesn’t take off into the great blue beyond. See just how much fun an SAV can be by taking a test drive at Chapman BMW.

The Neighbors Will Know You’re Coming

With a guttural roar usually associated with supercars, the neighbors will know when you’re coming home for dinner. Put the BMW X6 M through its paces and you’ll see just how nimble a large vehicle can be when going around sharp corners. BMW’s Active Roll Stabilization system prevents body roll and Dynamic Performance Control helps minimize understeer. The result is a driving experience that is nothing short of exhilarating.

Interior is All BMW Luxury

Multi-function seats with large bolsters hold you in place and let you enjoy the suppleness of the fine-grain Merino leather. A large touchscreen lets you control the audio, hands-free communication and view real-time traffic updates on your 3D navigation imagery. Move to the back seat and the luxury continues with double 9.2-inch color monitors built into the headrests of the front seats. Each can accommodate a separate MP3 player, game console or personal headphones. The Bang and Olufsen surround sound system delivers superior sound quality to make those long commutes more pleasurable. See all the upscale finishes and materials yourself by taking a trip to Chapman BMW.

Dial in Settings for Optimum Performance

The BMW X6 M allows the driver to choose a number of different settings to reach the premium driving experience, no matter the road conditions. Turn the driver mode selector to Sport Plus and unleash the beast. Feel the transmission power through the shifts a little more quickly while the suspension hugs the road and allows you to release your inner driver persona. With eyes on competition like the Porsche Carerra and Range Rover, BMW has created a sporty wagon that puts the “fun” in functional.

BMW Celebrating 30 Years of All-wheel Drive


A Third of All BMWs Now Have xDrive

BMW has made great strides in the all-wheel drive market since it first introduced the concept on its 325i race car some 30 years ago. Now, a third of all BMW vehicles sold around the world are equipped with xDrive, the company’s all-wheel drive system that intelligently distributes power to the wheel that needs it the most. All models, ranging from the 1 Series to the flagship luxury 7 Series have xDrive available. This includes the hybrids and vehicles with horizontally mounted engines. Experience the added control that xDrive provides with a visit to Chapman BMW, your Phoenix BMW dealer.

Sensors Monitor Performance and Make Adjustments

BMW’s integrated chassis management system utilizes sensors to monitor the vehicle’s performance and deliver power where needed. This can either be done by the chassis management system alone, or through integration with dynamic stability control or dynamic performance control, if those features are on the vehicle. The result is complete control of the vehicle during inclement weather or stressful driving conditions. BMW gears its xDrive system to be biased towards the rear wheels. This helps maintain BMW’s precise steering control to provide stability when powering through hairpin corners.

BMW’s xDrive Evolved Through the Years

When first introduced in 1985, BMW’s all wheel drive split the power by a ratio of 37 to 63 between the front and rear wheels. Proper gearing in the transfer case provided a virtual lock between both axles to improve traction. BMW introduced the all-wheel drive system to the 5 Series in 1991, tweaking the ratio of power and developing multi-plate clutches to help make the transfer of power more seamless. Electronic controls were introduced shortly thereafter, providing a more precise response when experiencing challenging driving situations. BMW introduced its first Sport Activity Vehicle, the X5, in 1999, creating further challenges for the engineering team. This all terrain vehicle required more control, so they developed the dynamic stability control system as well as hill descent control. The 2003 introduction of the X3 came in conjunction with the introduction of the xDrive system that not only determined which wheel needs power, but also took into account steering angle, lateral acceleration and understeer.

xDrive Advances to Fit Specific Vehicle Needs

As you might expect, the all-wheel drive needs of an X5 are very different from that of the 7 Series luxury sedan. No one expects a 7 Series driver to take the vehicle off-road, so the xDrive is more finely tuned to handling and performance. It is BMW’s attention to these kind of details that makes the xDrive system the leader in all-wheel performance today. Experience the xDrive yourself by taking a test drive with a visit to Chapman BMW.